April 2013

When we were enroute to Indonesia on a mission trip in March 2013, we stopped by in gospel-resistant Japan for a night. After 140 years of Protestant missions in Japan, it is reported that only 1% claim to be Christian of any stripe. During our transit in Tokyo we were hosted by an American missionary named Manly Slough who ministers in Okinawa as an Army tentmaker along with his Japanese wife Junko. Manly had trained with The Elijah Challenge by viewing our Training videos over the internet. Since then he has “stepped out of the boat” to heal the sick for the sake of the gospel in hardened Japan.

Here is a report from Brother Manly.

“Blessings to you from Okinawa and Ishigaki Island, Japan.  We pray all is well and moving upward in Christ.

Just a brief note and update as to some of the things going on in our area of Japan.

Before really getting started in teaching The Elijah Challenge training (which we will be starting next week), my wife Junko and I were able to use the method as taught in the training manual this last Sunday at church.  After church, a mother came to us with concerns for her daughter.  Her daughter (about 14 years old) was seeing strange things and was starting to have memory loss as to where or what she had been doing with periods of blacking out.  When her daughter was brought to us for prayer she became very incoherent and sluggish of mind.  

When hands were laid on her, with our eyes open, we spoke to her mind to be cleared of what was causing her to lose memory and took authority over what was causing her to have these periods of blacking outs and lapse of memory.  We came against the cause and spoke healing with authority. We believed it to be a mind-binding spirit so we took authority over it and commanded it to leave and for her mind to be set free, healed and whole.  

At first, when we started praying for her, her eyes closed, she went into a trance and started mumbling in a chant.  We instructed her to open her eyes and as we prayed, her eyes slowly started to open then they “popped wide open” and she was suddenly aware of where she was. “What happened?”  She instantly became very alert and aware of her surroundings. “What happened,” she asked several times as she was now a completely new person and instantly aware of her surroundings  and became very mentally alert. She had no memory of what had happened, just that she sort of woke up and had clarity of mind as to her surroundings and what was going on.  What a big difference in her from a few minutes earlier.  Praise God.

Immediately afterwards, a gentleman came up wanting us to minister to him as he had a great pain in his left shoulder for sometime.  As we started to minister, I instructed him to open his eyes and look me in the eyes.  I laid hands on the location of his pain spoke to it to leave and instantly it was gone.  We did have some interesting manifestations but the result was that he was healed and delivered from his pain and praised God for it.

The people rejoiced and several of them made the comment as to ‘how fast the prayers were answered.’ No shouting, no tongues, no rubbing, etc.  In the past, a person may have been prayed for a long time and may or may not, for the most part, have an expected result. [Manly of course was not praying for these people in the traditional way, but rather healing them in Jesus’ name with the Lord’s authority.]

We praise God for what He is doing and the confidence given to those who are becoming aware of the difference between the traditional religious approach to healing and the scriptural approach.

I want to thank you for your dedication to scripture and being obedient to God’s call to present the Elijah Challenge throughout the world.”