Report from Elijah Challenge Training 2012 in Trinidad

My name is Nancy M. and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting you and your lovely wife, sister Lucille at the Elijah Challenge Training 2012 convention in Trinidad, which took place on the 30th of May to the 2nd of June. You may remember me because when we spoke I had mention to you that my brother had been murdered the previous month (April). Attending this conference was certainly not by chance but it was definitely Gods’ timing, Divine Intervention and Divine Connection to many men and women of purpose.

The Elijah Challenge teachings were in fact fulfilling, sensational, exceptional and rewarding. The insights that I have gained during these discussions has greatly impacted my life.

Both of us were healed simultaneously as I ministered

On the 3rd day, when you called up volunteers to help with the demonstration to show the power of healing in persons with pain in their bodies, sister Georgia and myself teamed up. When we laid hands on the sister whose entire shoulder and arm was damaged (muscular I believe), where she could not raise the arm to its full length upwards without wincing in pain (suffering for many months now)……….we repeated the command after you and something happened! STRANGELY NOT JUST TO THE SISTER WHOM WE LAID HANDS ON BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ME!!!!

I looked at sister Georgia and to the sister who was supposed to be the one receiving the healing and I said, “Something is happening to me…my entire body is tingling and I’m on fire!” Sister Georgia smiled and said to me, “Receive your healing sister Nancy, your broken heart is being healed!” Unknowing to anyone else, besides being in a state of depression, I had damaged my lower back a couple days ago moving a 20 by 20 feet canvas for a tent. We had to lay hands one more time on the sister and she finally received total healing and all this time the healing power was still flowing through me even as I went back to my seat….The pain in my back was gone and my heart was and still is being healed from the grief of my baby brother.

Healing at a distance does not require a telephone

On that very same day you had asked us to contact a heart patient to demonstrate healing from a distance through our cell phones. Unfortunately my contact who was waiting patiently for the call had stepped out for a moment when I had placed the call. I was very disappointed because I did not want this man who was full of faith to miss his healing. He had a minor heart attack last year and his arteries were blocked. When the entire congregation stretched forth their hands and repeated the commands after you, I pictured the man still and sent forth the healing commands. The gentleman who was on his way back to work at my husband’s service station experienced a lightness all over his chest, he said it was a peculiar feeling and he has never felt this good up until this day!

The Lord heals my 10-year-old daughter

My third testimony took place on the day after the last day of the conference. This time it was my 10yr old daughter who was experiencing pains in both her knees for a few days now and I had been so busy that I ignored her and just gave her pain medicine. That Sunday night she was in such excruciating pain that she burst into tears and I decided that I was going to be bold and use the authority and power already embedded within me too heal my little girl. I laid my hands on her knees and just as you taught us, I looked directly at the problem area and commanded healing in Jesus’ name. When I was done I asked her if the pain was gone. She said, “Mummy I feel a lightness all over me but I still feel a little pain.”

I called my husband who at the time was upstairs already in bed (as a witness) and I said we are going to do this another time! So with all my strength I brought out My Mountain Moving Faith and commanded healing and alignment in her knees! This time she said that she felt something shift in her knees….Praise God……and the pain was gone. Tears rolled down my face and I said to her,” Honey just raise your hands and thank Jesus, because he healed you!”

Now whenever she feels any type of pain she tells people, I’m going home for my mummy to heal me… 🙂

Even though in my time and season of grief over the loss of my brother, I’m eternally grateful and truly blessed by my Lord Jesus Christ who has saved me and encouraged me to be part of His great work. God has certainly blessed that convention for I know that this was one of those “God moments” for me. 

Brother Rohan who made it possible for me to attend this convention……..You are one of those divinely appointed persons from God sent to forever change and edify me. I thank the Lord so very much for having met you and for taking me under your wings as my (young) spiritual father and covenant friend. 

Brother B., your dedication, expertise and commitment to us are most appreciated and highly valued. I thank you for giving me the privilege of sharing my testimonies and my regards to sister Lucille.

God Bless,