Dave Diamond of Louisiana has hosted The Elijah Challenge in Louisiana on two different occasions
April 7, 2012
Yesterday was amazing!  Late in the morning, I went to visit a new Hospice patient, a witty and jovial Hispanic man married to a very light skinned African-American woman now for 58 years.  We had a great visit, and I was hearing not only about their various physical issues but also about their romance, relatives and life adventures.  This was the first time we ever met.
The man has a plethora of health issues including a hole in his throat from past cancer surgery.  I’m still collecting information on his diagnosis.  The woman, however, was also infirmed, walking very cautiously with a bulky walker.  She had suffered a bad fall in 1983, she said, and had lived with the pain of three seriously damaged disks in her back for 28 years.  Two years ago, she developed a problem as well with her equillibrium and, without the walker, could not keep her balance.  As she spoke, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit, assuring me that He would heal her if I would lay hands upon her. 
She accepted my offer to pray for her but was openly skeptical when I dold her that God intended to heal her instantly.  “Right NOW?” she asked.  We prayed and then, concluding our prayers, spoke first to the pain and damage in her back and then to the issue with her equillibrium.  Three times, we spoke to her back, each time stopping and having her take a few cautious steps, moving and flexing to analyze the pain.  By the third time, there was no pain — the first moments without pain, she said, in 28 years.  We addressed the equillibrium issue only once.  I spoke as well to the husband’s various issues as best I could discern them and especially to back pain and nerve damage in his knees.  He experienced relief as well.
On their assurances that they already had active relationships with Christ, I left their home and went on to visit other patients in Pearl River, nine miles away.  God began to prompt me to go back, that the work was not done, and that the couple needed to pray a prayer to know Christ, experience His forgiveness as well as His healing, and receive both the Holy Spirit and assurance of eternal life.  Finally, I called them and, explaining that I had never returned to a patient on the same day for specific prayer, told them that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to return and asked if they would pray with me.  They were anxious for my return.
When I got back, the woman met me at the door — without her walker and walking with ease more commonly associated with a teenager.  The walker was nowhere to be seen, and she was so thrilled that she told me twice, “Watch this!” and once almost waltzed part way across the room and then bent in every direction from the waist to show me that she had no more fear of falling, that the problem with her equillibrium had been completely eradicated.  Needless to say, both husband and wife were ecstatic, hugging me, holding my hand, and eager to pray.  We prayed together.  In the immediate wake of our prayer and in a reaction that I am beginning to recognize as common, they immediately said, “When can you come back and explain this to our family?”  I’ll see them again next week.
Two other notes.
First, the man who is recovering from advanced pancreatic cancer leaves today with his wife on a five-day cruise.  He’s gained back 22 lbs. after losing more than 100 from his peak weight and, before we met, being unable to eat for 10 weeks.  They’re a little nervous but are beginning to embrace the idea that he’s no longer dying.  This sounds strange, but taking this cruise is a real act of faith.
Second, my friend Jackie who accepted Christ two weeks ago and is being healed from appendiceal cancer, shared with me last night what an amazing experience Easter is for her this year!  “Dave,” she says, “I never understood before.  Now I get it.  For the first time in my 61 years, I understand in my heart what Easter is all about!  Since the Holy Spirit entered into me, I can’t wait each day until I can retreat into my bedroom and read.  I know I’m not understanding everyting, but the words of the Bible have just come alive.  I was so overcome with joy the other night, I woke my husband up at 10:30 and told him I was going to the church.  He thought I was crazy, but he got dressed and came with me.  I knelt down in the church and just wept and wept, tears of joy over what Christ has done for me!  To think that He — God Himself, Jesus and the Holy Spirit — all live within me is overwhelming!  Amazing!  Way more than I can comprehend!  And yet I know it’s all real.  After all these years, I finally get it!  I understand Easter!”
God bless each one of you!
-Dave Diamond
Editor’s note: There are times when symptoms or an infirmity may attempt to return after they have disappeared. We believe that just as an unclean spirit may attempt to return after it has been cast out (Luke 11:24), so can infirmities. In such a case, we minister healing again with power and authority. The symptoms should disappear.