By Albert Kang
April 2012

Reports from Albert Kang

Alabel is about 30 minutes drive away from General Santos City at Mindanao. The conference was held at the Surangani Capitol gymnasium. God responded to the simple faith of His people in Alabel. Many were healed in the name of Jesus.

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The morning session included group works because there were people from different tribes speaking different dialects. It was easier when their own pastors and leaders explained the scriptures on healing to them.

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The faith of these tribal believers is amazing. They simply believe and receive the healing miracles. 


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It was Mother’s Day and this was the Sunday Service held in the Sarangani Capitol Gymnasium. Some tribal pastors left the previous night to minister at their own churches. In this service, one of the miracles was a deaf ear was opened.


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Using role-playing, the participants were taught how to apply their faith in healing the infirm. The amazing thing was that people were actually healed even though this was a demonstration. 

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The final day of the Conference. More people were healed by the Lord. The young people had a rousing time dancing because they were inspired by my sermon on Jehoshaphat in 2 Chron 20. The healing miracles were amazing as the people responded with simple but powerful faith. We have been blessed to be witnesses to such faith.