“As of today I have trained about 140-150 mostly pastors. Far short of my goal of a 1000 per year, but I was confined to the city due to the difficulty in getting approval from the government for my resident visa, and could not travel outside the city of Douala in Cameroon. (Without the special visa one can be stopped at gunpoint and detained very easily.) However God worked it out, and in short I finally received the resident visa about 4 weeks ago!

In all the seminars, Jesus has backed up the teaching with signs of instant healing and subsequent salvation. My delivery of the training has also improved as well. The Holy Spirit is giving me deeper insight and understanding of the importance of the teaching. 

I just completed two Elijah Challenge Basic Trainings—one in a city 8 hours away by bus called Bamenda, and also one in here in Douala. Along with these two meetings we conducted evangelistic outreaches where trained servants of God went door-to-door to heal the sick and preach the gospel  according to Luke 10:9. Over 30 people were saved and there were over 25 people instantly healed during these outreaches which took less than an hour.

In my Bamenda seminar there was a pastor who was experiencing excruciating pain in his lower back for two years. During the class demonstration we prayed over him but nothing changed. On the last day just before the outreach I noticed his facial expression was revealing the seriousness of the pain as he attempted to get up from his chair. I called him up and prayed over him with mountain-moving faith. To our amazement he was healed instantly!

I asked one of the team leaders, Pastor Glory, to give me a report of what happened with her team in Barmenda. She wrote:

‘We met a group of three girls on the way as we were evangelizing. We preached and led them to Christ. They told us that their mother was sick and took us to their house to pray over their mother. There she told us that she felt sick after being bitten by a spider. She suffered for a year, going to different hospitals but to no avail. She said that after the bite there was “strange movement” all over her body. She could not stand straight—which later developed into pain in her waist and rashes after some months. So we ministered to her and Jesus healed her instantly. Immediately she stood up and stood up straight to walk. She was exercising her body freely!

We also met a seamstress in her workshop whose hand had been hurting for a week. She could not move the hand freely. We preached the gospel to her and ministered healing to her in Jesus’ name. The Lord healed her instantly! Immediately the pain disappeared and she was made whole. To God be the glory!

On our way back, a certain family called us over. A woman in the family complained that some years after giving birth she had been suffering from pain in her waist and stomach area. We led her to Christ as well as many others who were there. We prayed over her, and immediately Jesus healed her. The pain in her waist and stomach area disappeared.

The eye of a certain child there had been operated on, and he was suffering from severe pain. We ministered to him and Jesus healed him. Finally, we prayed over a girl who had gonorrhea and chlamydia, and she was healed. Glory be to God!’ ”

Submitted by Rev Alan Robinson
Cameroon, Africa
August 2016