“Greetings to you both and praises to God for your powerful teaching.  Butch recently had the privilege to teach The Elijah Challenge in a new area of Zambia, Sioma township.  We were invited by Jack and Amber Mututwa with Trail Missions to teach a group of pastors at a retreat they sponsored.  There were about 20 pastors from the surrounding areas in attendance.  Four of the pastors work directly with Trail Missions.  It was an exciting time to see and hear the pastors catch the teaching for The Elijah Challenge.  Following is the testimony from Jack Mututwa, one of the Founders of Trail Missions, as shared with him by his disciples who had just sat under the teaching.”

-Butch & Janet Berner
Light of Africa



Reports from Butch & Janet

“We had 4 pastors last week who did the Elijah Challenge. We sent them to an area called Luyobe to plant a church, and they came back with the following testimonies.

1)  During their door-to-door visits they came across a woman who was completely blind in one eye. They prayed over her and asked her if she could see the people in front of her, and she said she could. Even though it wasn’t super clear, but the fact was that she couldn’t see a thing at all before and now she could see people, images, and trees. Was awesome.

2)  They prayed over a man who had locked heaps(?) and could barely walk. They ministered to him, and then asked to get up and walk. He resisted at first and reached for a walking stick, but the pastors said “no, you are healed, just get up and walk.” And he did get up and walk freely without any pain or a walking stick.

3)   They also prayed over a lady who had bad pain in her entire body. The Lord touched and healed her instantly, all the pains were gone.”

Jack Mututwa 
Founder of Trail Missions