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Rosemary teaches children’s Sunday School, attends Women’s Bible Study and is a hard working Children’s Minister.  She plows and sows seeds in her fields, provides her family with funds through her sewing skills (which she learned from a team several years ago), owns many cattle (a commodity of prime choice in the rural areas), is a consistent tither and is the church treasurer because of her integrity.  Just hanging around Rosemary you are challenged to dig deeper, do more, be more.  It is a privilege to call this woman a friend.


Rosemary from Sekute Village near Livingstone, ZAMBIA

This past weekend Rosemary Kawiwi attended Butch’s training on The Elijah Challenge (power evangelism).  She led a group of trainees hut to hut ministering to and praying for the sick. 

Here is her testimony from that day…

“After the teachings we went in groups of 3 people each.  We reached a village and found 3 children aged between 7-10 years.  Lying down all sick.  One was stomach pain and the second complained of head pain.  There was happiness to the first boy when the second boy was healed.  He said, ‘I am healed.’  Same with the third for they were of the same Grandmother.  Two of the children came to church.  We give the glory to God for He is the true God.” Rosemary Kawiwi

Others who were sent out to share the power of God had this to say….

…”This group took a trip to Makunka Hospital where only 2 women were admitted.  They received us to practice of using authority prayer.  There was no belief in the people we found because one was already waiting for transport to Livingstone General Hospital because she was more sick.  Then good news came on Sunday when I went to Makunka again and I was told the 2 sick women are all well and healed.  I went again on Wednesday and found the same report.  They are well and healed.”  Pastor Enok Sikabowa 

“The first village we travelled to went very well.  We found the married couples with their family.  After we introduced ourselves about our visitation, they requested for a prayer because they had a child girl who does not sleep when nightfall comes.  She screams every night.  Despite that the child was not around, we just prayed for the whole surrounding.  After we we left we met that child as we were going to the next village.  Then we stopped her and prayed for her.

When we visited the next village we found 2 women.  Both were sick.  After introductions, they requested for prayers.  The first one we had prayed for had a painful neck and back. We prayed for the neck twice.  At first she said it was still paining.  Then we prayed the 2nd time.  When we asked she said the pain had finished.  We just prayed once for her back.  When we asked she said she was weak, she started moving her head from side to side and also stretching her back.  She was healed.  She thanked us, then we told her to praise the Lord for He is the one who healed her.

The 2nd woman had a very big sore on the left breast.  She said that she had been suffering for 2 months.  Then we released it was the spirit of infirmity.  We prayed for her then she said the body weakness which was caused by the sore had finished.  She praised the Lord.

Again we went to another village, man with leg, shoulder and spinal cord pain…we prayed for his leg first, then he stretched his leg…we prayed for his shoulder and spinal cord, when asked he said that he was absolutely fine.  One of the teammates, Frank, asked him if he cold go in the bush to collect firewood, he said that he would.  Then his wife requested prayer for nightmares…we prayed for her and the surroundings…the following day I visited her, she said that the very day we prayed for her she slept well. We encouraged them to be praying always.  Then we went back to our team at the church to give feedbacks to our teacher, Butch.  The ends our testimony.” Pastor Jehosephat, Sekute Village, ZAMBIA.

It is a high honor and great privilege to work amongst such admirable people.  We are awe struck by the loving and all knowing God who continues to allow us to be a part of His plan to meet the needs of people here.  Thank you for choosing to be part of this greater picture with us! 


Pastor Enok,  from Sekute Village, ZAMBIA

Butch & Pastor Frank,  from Mahelituna Village


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