On the second day (a Saturday) of an Elijah Challenge Training, one of our participants shared with the others a difficult situation surrounding her cousin who was about to give birth. She had a condition called “Placenta Percreta” which would require very risky surgery.

According to the sister, “Her surgery…is considered very high risk. To be more specific as to her condition—which occurs in only 5% of pregnancies—her placenta has grown finger-like tissues through the wall of her uterus. They have invaded her abdominal cavity and surrounding organs. The greatest fear is blood loss [during surgery for the] reconstruction of the surrounding organs. She has a team of five surgeons scheduled to be in the Operating Room and 10+ units of blood for replacement.” 

After hearing what she shared, together we spoke and ministered to her cousin at a distance with the Lord’s authority—based on how Jesus healed the servant of the centurion in Luke 7 at a distance. Her surgery was scheduled for 6 pm the following Monday. 

On Monday evening the sister wrote:

“The baby was born at 6:11 pm and is off to NICU. Everything is going smoothly with the procedures and they should be finishing up with her fairly soon. Sounds like it all has gone as well as it possibly could!!!”

And later she added…

“It is truly a miracle. While the [earlier] MRI scan had previously shown the finger-like projections from the placenta [inside Lindsey’s uterus] entangled into her abdominal organs [outside her uterus], when they opened her up, the projections were already outside the uterus [and] not entangled into her surrounding abdominal organs. Praise God. They did do a hysterectomy, but there was no need to excise the tissue [of the finger-like projections] from other abdominal organs since they had been untangled. Baby seems well—4 pounds in NICU. Truly a miracle.”

March 2019