Adelaide, South Australia
March 2014
Friday night at Whitmore Square was a very special time as we witnessed God’s presence and power as we so often have done in the past. Here are some highlights for which we give God all the praise and the glory:
# A good crowd gathered (someone counted about 60) as we ministered through the afternoon and early evening.
# God’s presence came as we gathered for prayer as a team and songs of worship were sung over the PA system.
# About 6 to 8 people responded for salvation following the testimony and declaration of the word from Tom who shared of his experience of 25 years in prison. He told the crowd that although he was physically bound (behind bars) for all those years, inside he was free, because of the work Jesus Christ had done in his life.
# Many of the team were able to come alongside those who responded for prayer and were able to explain the gospel to them and pray for them, giving them bibles and other resources. As far as possible team members are trying to follow up these new disciples.
# Some needed healing and deliverance and again the team ministered in the authority of Jesus Christ. 
# Toward the end of the BBQ when the last of the food was being distributed and many of the homeless were coming back for more, a woman totally unrelated to the ministry, approached one of the team, saying that she was just driving past and had left over food from a work lunch and wondered if we could use it! It was perfect for the occasion and reminded us of the feeding of the 5,000 in the gospels. What a blessing her gift was.
# An aboriginal brother who attended, sang a worship song in his own language, which was very moving.
# Many other stories. Many seeds sown. So much to give thanks for. God is so faithful. Thank you again for standing with us.
An important and exciting development in the ministry of Elijah Challenge SA is the extension of the work to Gawler. Next month, our co-worker Neville, who has been leading the Whitmore Square outreach for the last 4 years, will be leading a team to start a new outreach in the Gawler region and build up a local support network. Neville has done an amazing job in building the outreach to where it is now and I know he is going to be sorely missed by us all at Whitmore Square. We will continue to support each other as teams and we look forward to all that God has in store for this new venture up in the northern region. Please pray for Neville and the team, based around the  Gawler and Nurioopta region, that the Lord may lead and empower them by His Holy Spirit to do what only God can do.
-Richard Hawke, Elijah Challenge South Australia