More reports from Albert

Albert Kang is the Asia Coordinator for The Elijah Challenge. We received this from him after his return from a mission trip to the Philippines.

October – November 2011 

“The Lord is doing mighty works in Mindanao! 

This is their first Pastors’ Conference with the emphasis on divine healing. The Lord was there to honor the faith of the participants as they laid hands and healed the infirm in His name. The tribal pastors and leaders were especially receptive to this teaching because they personally encountered demonic activities in their communities.

Many of these tribal pastors minister high up in the mountains. In some instances, they cannot reach their villages without going on horseback. Guess the size of these mountain churches – many pastors minister to 200 – 400 tribal worshippers every Sunday. A young pastor is most unassuming, very humble but he pastors a congregation of 400 or more. Many of these pastors put us to shame. They are not rich but yet they are very rich in the kingdom of God.

One tribal pastor — Pastor Felipe A. Malagante — is a very humble tribal pastor from the Malapatan area. He is only in his late thirties and in spite of financial hardship, he continued to minister among the tribal people. On Sunday, 30 Oct 2011, I had the privilege to preach at his church. The Lord healed many in his church as each member exercised his or her faith to heal the infirm. Praise God for all these healing miracles. Pastor Felipe said that he will send his members two by two to every house in his area to heal the sick, cast out demons and share the Gospel.

I am personally affected by the responses and faith of these brethren. I have promised them that if God is willing, I will visit them again next year.

Thank you for teaching us The Elijah Challenge. It does not only change our lives but the life of many who come in contact with this teaching.”


Report from host pastor

We received the following from Tito s. Cagang, Sr., the pastor who hosted Albert in the Philippines:

“Thank you so much for sending to us Rev. Albert Kang because he was a great blessing for us here there many pastors under my leadership were being blessed by the message and topics lectured by Rev. Albert Kang. There were also many sickly person were being healed in the Name of Jesus. 

Rev. Albert Kang is a right person of God you sent to us to bless us all here and there were many things that we had learned from him. He is very talented and brilliant man of God.

Once again, thank you so much and we will continue to prayer for the ELIJAH CHALLENGE that God will continue also the bless it and use you mightily in God’s kingdom. What success now we have achieved in the ministry is also the success of the ELIJAH CHALLENGE because you are part of the ministry here in the Philippines particularly to the CHRIST MINISTRIES SAMARITAN OF SARANGANI PROVINCE, INC.

I hope that you will continue to send your missionaries here to our place.”