May 2011

A testimony received from a brother named Bob who had watched the Basic Training videos from this website

“I’ve been listening to the training courses on your website, and have been seeing miracles happening. For instance my mom; last weekend during our Bible study we were discussing healing. The Lord had all of us in his way study this particular subject. For my own case, I was lead to you. 

Well, long story short, to keep the email to the point, she wanted to go home because she was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I told her to use our bathroom, and come back and let’s put this study to action. I had my wife lay hands on her stomach/intestine area, and I laid mine over hers and said “In the name of Jesus be healed.” Then we continued afterwards giving commands about healing, using authority in the name of Jesus, and she said she felt a lot better. So we continued again, because we were encouraged, and commanded some more. When she went to leave, we told her if the pain comes back and moves from the stomach area, to move to deliverance (casting out demons in Jesus’ name).

On her way home she said she was yawning and burping [Note: for some reason such manifestations might occur when demons are driven out] after she commanded more healing and deliverance on her back, because pain crept in and moved to her lower back area. When she got home, she felt great and didn’t have another attack since. The key to all this is, she said she has been suffering from this for 20 years and so it was guaranteed to hit again in an hour. 

That was four days ago, praise the Lord!”