Houston, Texas
May 2011
Gil & Mary Ann Markarian & children

The Lord’s wonderful grace was very evident at the event at the Breakfast of Champions with Gil & Mary Ann Markarian. A group of committed disciples of Christ, including pastors and ministers, had gathered for the monthly meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
After a brief introduction to the Basic Training, we did a demonstration of healing following the pattern that Jesus Himself established to heal the sick in the gospels. One of those who came forward was Pastor Cameron Hunter of STAND Worship Center in Houston. He had had a serious and chronic problem with his left knee. We called two brothers to come forward to lay hands on him. After three times of ministry, Pastor Cameron could go down bending his knees all the way and was running in place with no problem. He said that he felt great!
A sister who worked at the big Methodist Hospital in Houston had been scheduled for surgery on her back. She had a serious problem—if we recall correctly, a bulging disc which caused a variety of distressing symptoms in her body. As a sister laid hands on her, she felt the Lord’s power at work in her back. Every symptom from which she suffered had disappeared. She decided to cancel the surgery because the Lord has healed her.
The Lord physically touched others with infirmities as well during that time of demonstration.
The brethren were excited at the clear and simple teaching which had followed Scripture closely and at how the Lord had confirmed it through miraculous healings.