May 2011
Dallas, Texas 

Dale Garris of in Dallas attended the Basic Training in February 2009.

“Your influence at the Elijah Challenge was instrumental in the healings that took place here.  If you remember, when I first met you, I was struggling with figuring out how this gift of healing worked.  I learned a lot from you on the difference between the command for us to go forth and heal the sick and the gift that was designed for the Body of Christ.  I still struggle with taking on the authority to command the healing, but I’m getting a whole lot better.

I was in Uganda for 7 weeks this time, starting in the north for 3 weeks and then down to the south and to the west.  Both of my hosts set me up for 3 days in each place, two and three services each day.  It was pretty intense.

During the 3-day sessions, we would have at least one healing line.  In each place, almost every time everyone who stood in the healing line would get healed.  We’re talking everything from aches and pains to the crippled, blind, deaf, barren, and broken.  I know because we asked each and everyone before and after I prayed for them.  Some of the examples are written about in the attached letter.

What is even more exciting is that the Spirit of God was so heavy and thick during these services that some people would get healed just by being there in the service.  There were several examples of this.  One old guy came up to me jabbering at a mile-a-minute waving his hand in front of me opening and closing his fingers.  I didn’t know what this guy was going to do. It was just a little weird to say the least.  What he was trying to do was show me how he was healed!  He came paralyzed on his whole right side, and now he was jumping up and down waving his hand at me to show me what God had done!

A very old woman came up to me in between services and squeezed me with a bear hug, again talking up a blue streak, and pressing 1,000 shilling note into my hand.  Come to find out, she was horribly sick with a debilitating blood disease, and the Lord told her that if she would come to the service, she would be healed.  When she walked in under the canopy we had set up, she entered into the cloud of the Holy Ghost, and bang! God healed her.

Some people would get healed just standing in line and come to tell me that they didn’t need me to pray for them because God healed them just standing there.  Some people I had to pray twice over.  You taught me that.  A woman who was blind came up and after praying, she was “better”.  “Better” is not good enough – I got that from you.  We prayed again and God healed her.  What is funny is that I was so excited that I was worried that it hadn’t really happened and asked her if it she was really healed or just saying that.  Man, she looked at me like I was some stupid child.  ‘Of course she was healed!  Why do you think she came up to stand in line?  This was a healing line, wasn’t it?  What happens at a healing line? People get healed!  Why else would she stand there?’  Pure, simple faith. 

It was like that every time. Probably a couple hundred people got healed, but what is more exciting than that is that several hundred got saved.  And what is even more exciting than that is that scores of churches were ignited and the fire of God has started to burn in them to spread the message of revival, of deliverance, and of the glory of God.  Revival is about to break out in a very big way, just as the prophet Joel has told us.  I am so glad to be a part of this.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to hear about this.  You most certainly have a part in all this because you instilled a confidence and a direction in me to channel the gift of healing that I have seen flow here in Africa.  I pray for more and more of an increase and to see it break out here in America.  I believe that America is not in that broken place yet to receive the incredible power of revival, but that hopefully the testimonies that are coming forth from your group will show them that it is real, God has not left us, and that His mercy is from everlasting.  We will have to find that place of repentance before God as a nation, just as it was in Nehemiah 1 and in Daniel 9, but that is always the way. No revival comes without repentance.

Praise the Lord,

Brother Dale