March 2011

Kurt Simms is a master electrician who has attended Basic Training II in
Houston. Kurt shared the following with us:

“I went to a fellowship I had been attending with people that I met from Baptist Sunday School. We were using a book for study called Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. I had missed the fellowship the previous Friday because I was at The Elijah Challenge Basic Training II. I went this past Friday and they decided to drop the book. Tim is the person hosting this group and he is not comfortable with the status quo church. He was reading a new book called Radical and he definitely knows the church is sick. He said, “where is the power in the church?” 

I told him that the power is still here just as it was over 2,000 years ago, but that 99% of believers aren’t walking in it. As I was finishing my meal I had three of them looking up scriptures as I quoted them. I had them read the verses aloud and I would explain the meaning to them. I shared some testimonies and directed them to the Elijah Challenge website to read some of the testimonies on my page. His wife read about a little girl’s eye which had been damaged while riding a 4-wheeler and the doctors said she would probably never see again. I had taken authority over her eye in Jesus’ name at church one night, and her eyesight improved—but not 100%. But by the next day doctors examined her and she had 20/20 vision. 

Then Tim said he had had enough teaching and testimonies and he wanted proof—the Baptist brethren were putting me on the spot. I said OK, let’s pray. I gave the Lord thanks and asked Him to perform these great things to prove that I was His servant and that Jesus is the only way to the Father. 

Tim’s wife had bad allergies, so I commanded them to leave and be healed in Jesus’ name. She was able to breathe perfectly. The next thing was her eye—she had been blind in one eye for several years because she had been poked in the eye by a broom stick. Her eye has no lens or iris. Using authority in Jesus’ name I ministered to her three times with no change at all. But I didn’t want to give up for I didn’t want my future students to lose faith. I went for the fourth time. 

After that I asked her if there was any change and she said, “Oh my God!” and began to weep. She said she could see my face! Before she could only see a black blur and some colors. Everyone in the room started praising God! She can see now, but her eyesight is not totally restored. I instructed them to continue to take authority over it and minister to her. I haven’t talked to them since Friday so I don’t know if there has been any further improvement. But she didn’t even have a lens in her eye. Praise the Lord, for He is so good!”