Sean Cuny is a disciple based in Covington, Lousiana who trained with The Elijah Challenge in March 2011. Later in June that same year, Sean and Frank Smith (who also trained with The Elijah Challenge) went on a medical mission trip under the umbrella of East West Ministries. Below is Sean’s report on that trip.

“I just recently returned from Chiapas, Mexico.  I went on a medical mission trip that was anything but.  I went with Frank Smith and several others under the umbrella of East West Ministries. We went to a remote village near the Guatemala border where Frank and I ran the evangelism and assessment area of the mission. A total of 117 people accepted the Lord.  Several were ministered to as trained by The Elijah Challenge with astounding results. Many infirmities—such as backaches, stomach aches, and deafness—were healed.

One lady’s shoulder pain was healed.  She came back requesting not to see the doctor on our medical team, but ministry for her mother who was also healed of her illness.  A man brought his son for medical attention after he received the Lord Jesus Christ. His deaf and dumb son was healed and could hear and speak for the first time. There was a young lady who was maimed after falling into a fire as a child.  After ministering to her for her hand to be restored, nothing happened, but what did happen was just as amazing. There was a man by the name of Blake who was with the mission team, and who happens to be very wealthy.  The doctors had told her that her hand and arm could be restored through 3 surgeries costing a total of $3000.   Blake immediately said whatever needed to be done, just do it and he would make the funds available.  So it was not an instant manifestation, but a healing is indeed on the way for this young lady.

The most amazing part of the whole trip was that as we ministered healing as Jesus did in the gospels, we were asked to stop ministering by the missionary who was trained by Southern Baptist missionaries. He did not fully understand what was going on.  He told us that we were getting too excited and our hopes up.  But the people there were so open to how we were ministering in Jesus’ name. 

But by the end of the trip the missionary was totally blown away by the number of salvations and healings. He had never seen such a response from the people after being a missionary to Chiapas for nine years.”