Testimonies from Joshua M. in Florida who trained with The Elijah Challenge in November 2007 and October 2008

1. Saturday at an Inner Healing seminar with my church we split up into groups. In my group was a man who spoke about his involvement with a satanic gang. I was not the leader of the group, but the Lord directed me to ask several questions to know what exactly what happened. We stood to pray for him to receive liberation and as the leaders were praying over him, the Holy Spirit showed me there was a demonic attachment over his stomach, around the navel. I placed my hand on his navel and quietly (to be respectful to the leaders of the group) commanded every evil spirit to leave saying “You no longer have any legal right to this man! He is property of the Holy Spirit now. LEAVE in the name of Jesus!”

As we were walking out of the group he grabbed me and said “Joshua, when you placed your hand on my stomach I felt a fire encircle my stomach and then spread through my whole body. My ears then began to burn intensely like they were on fire!” He went on to tell me he believes if there was anything demonic, he was completely healed in Jesus name by the laying on of hands. Obviously, there was something, but not any more. 

2. Today as we were leaving the homeless ministry, one of the worship singers wasn’t feeling well. On my way home, I called her to make sure she was alright. “Oh, I just have a bad headache.” “Why didn’t you say anything?!” “I didn’t want anybody to feel bad…” “Ok, put your hand on your head.” “Ok” “Is it there?” “Yes” “Ok, Father, we glorify your name and we thank you so much for all you’ve done. Thank you so much for her life and the blessing she’s been in the ministry. We pray right now Father you make your power known and you heal her completely. Amen.” “Amen” “Hand still on your head?” “Yes…” “Ok good. In the name of Jesus Christ I command you, PAIN, leave! Headache leave! You have no right here!…How do you feel?” “Wow the headache is gone.” “Is it really?” “Yes” “You don’t sound excited.” “It’s gone completely!” “Check!” “I’m checking!” “Give praise to Jesus!” “Amen! Glory to God!” I think afterwards, she went right to sleep. It was midnight after all.

3. As we were serving food today, a homeless man came to me and said “Thank you!” “Huh?” “Thank you so much!” “For what??” “For what you did a couple weeks ago!” “Huh?” “My foot!” “WHAT?!” Ok… so let’s go back to an email I sent you on Wednesday, June 8th:

“Last Monday (June 6) I was asked to pray over a man’s heel which he believed had gangrene. I placed my thumb over the wound and commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus. It’s been a while since I exercised the training I received in the Elijah Challenge. I pray I’ll see him tonight to see how his heel is.”

I actually didn’t see him that night, or any night until tonight (June 27). 

He came to me and told me what happened. It was gangrene and the doctors were preparing to remove his foot. The next day after I placed my thumb on the wound and commanded it to leave he went to the doctor and the doctor was completely shocked! The doctor said “What did you do!?” The gangrene had stopped completely and it NEVER made it to the bone. The doctors said this was impossible with what he had. They scraped off the outside layer, packed it with gauze, let it heal, and today he’s working diligently in the ministry with his church! He’s apparently been praising God and telling of this miracle to everybody he knows. He wouldn’t stop praising Jesus for this! 

This was such an encouragement to me today!

May our Lord Jesus Christ be praised in all!