Carl Henderson is Elijah Challenge Coordinator for the Philippines in addition to Founder of Mission of Reconciliation.

First Fruit on Witches Island (14 healed and 13 delivered)

July 10, 2011

This morning we had the privilege of preaching at a small church in Maria, Siquijor (aka, Witches Island). After preaching on our purpose as Christians; To make “God’s name great in the earth”, Malachi 1:11 and “Filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.” Hab.2:14. We called for those who needed healing to come forward.

In a few minutes all 14 people who came forward were healed (including a nearly lifeless child with a congenital heart condition). Before healing, her heart was pounding rapidly in her chest, yet she had no circulation in her hands and feet, which were ice cold. After healing, the heart slowed down, circulation returned to her feet and hands, which became warm, the ashen gray skin returned to a normal color and the nearly lifeless child became animated and even playing in her mother’s arms. Later in the afternoon 13 people were delivered from demons.

To the glory of God, Siquijor (Witches Island) is a fertile field for God’s healing and delivering power. The healing occurred, one-hour after a radio interview by phone with Richard Keltner from Watchman Radio in New York City, the sponsors of the Witches Island Crusade (along with Omegaman Radio’s Shannon Davis our other sponsor). Praise God, we were able document the events on film. God is amazing!

Visit to Juan Ponce’s village (the most powerful witch on Witches Island) July 12, 2011

THE BACKGROUND: About four weeks ago I was afflicted with a mysterious back injury and severe lower back pain. The pain started in my lower back and hips and made it almost impossible to stand, sit or lay comfortably. It was crippling pain I had to walk bent over for the first five yards or so after I set in chair and I could not be comfortable sitting, standing or laying down. I could not explain the pain so I reasoned that it had happened when I had previously fallen while going up the stairs at my home. Since there was a possibility that the pain was a witchcraft curse (we had just come back from Siquijor) “Witches Island”and since we had confronted the most well known witch/shaman on the Island, a man named Juan Ponce (99 yrs old).

We had preached the gospel into his nearly deaf ears and he confessed Christ as his new savior and that he was turning his back on the demons he got his powers from. We then took authority in Jesus name and healed his nearly deaf ears. He wept out of Joy at his restored hearing. We felt this was a great victory for the Kingdom of God and we went on our way rejoicing.

However, I was sharing with Richard Keltner from (Watchman Radio) about this, and he discerned that my severe back pain, might be a curse or witchcraft attack seeking revenge for Juan Ponce 180% turn away from a life of witchcraft. So he prayed for my back and rebuked the pain and it immediately moved to the left side of my lower hip and back. Because the pain changed locations, I knew it was demonic in origin and not a mere injury. Richard Keltner, Pat Holiday and Shannon Davis all took turns rebuking the curse / witchcraft attack and it improved dramatically. As we were rebuking the curse, I got a word from the Lord to send the curse back, seven fold stronger, and that the curse being returned would “mark the person or persons” who sent it.

I repeatedly said “let the curse go back and cripple those who tried to cripple me” and “may the curse mark those who attacked me by crippling them so that they can be known as the sources of this curse.” My back improved by 95% and on last Sunday (our first back on Siquijor Island) when 14 people were healed in a church in Maria, Siquijor Island my back healed the last 5%. (See the article; First Fruits on Witches Island – 14 healed and 13 delivered.) In order to receive in the Kingdom of God you have to be a giver. My final healing occurred when I healed others.

Today we returned to Juan Ponce’s village. I expected to find some of the younger witches/ sorcerers limping around in pain or bent over as I had been. To my shock and surprise everyone seemed to be healthy. Many were making copra from Coconut shells, which is hard physical work. We finally made our way through the village to Juan Ponce’s house, to see if his confession of faith in Christ was genuine and if he was hanging on to his faith in Christ.

I don’t know who was more shocked Juan Ponce or I. When we arrived, Juan Ponce was bed bound with severe crippling pain in his lower back and hips and unable to walk at all. He was even more shocked to see me the American missionary walking around unhampered by pain. In fact, he looked very shocked and surprised to see me there and in good health.  He repeatedly raised his head to get a good look at me from his bed and not only seemed surprised but a little fearful of me. We know that demons fear us but now we have seen witches manifesting fear on several occasions also in Juan Ponce’s village.

According to Juan Ponce’s daughter-in-law, the crippling pain came on him suddenly a little more than two weeks ago. At the time we were returning the curse to the sender, only seven fold stronger. I must admit I was shocked by all of this, as I am an eternal optimist and I assumed, hoped and expected Juan Ponce’s conversion was genuine. His ears were still healed and he could still hear us but he was apparently dying (very sick) with crippling lower back and hip pain which seemed to lead to pneumonia, like chest congestion making it hard for him to breath. At first he was talking and responding to questions but once I came into the room where he could see me clearly he stopped talking and answering our questions.  He refused to talk to us anymore once he saw that I was well.

We forced his son Alejandro Ponce the chief witch now, to talk with us but he kept trying to avoid us and walk away. We preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God, “sin, righteousness, repentance and judgment” to him but his heart was like a rock. He would rarely even answer simple questions,… His demons had apparently decided the best strategy was to say nothing at all. We shook hands with him and prayed for him and his whole clan. We prayed that their eyes might be opened. He reluctantly tolerated us. We had to force him to come out of his house and pose for pictures with us. He did not want to stand next to us or have his photo taken. Photos are a main way that witches use here to put curses on people. This might have been part of his reluctance but I think his demons were about to crawl out of his skin in our presence. He was very sullen and uncomfortable around us.

Concerning Juan Ponce. I don’t know if his confession of faith was genuine and he “turned back” or if he merely faked his confession but one thing that is self-evident,.. He tried to curse me with crippling back pain and the curse returned to him and now he is cursed by his own curse. If curses are not returned to the sender there is no reason for the sender to stop sending curses and repent from this lifestyle of sin and to stop cursing others. Since the scriptures tell us that those who curse are cursed, so be it, who am I to argue with God and the spiritual principles at work in his universe.  In this case, I even had a word from the Lord to send the curse back to mark the person who sent it.

How I wish Juan Ponce’s conversion was genuine or that he would repent today but he has hardened his heart as Pharaoh did when the 10 plagues fell on Egypt. I thank God that we in the Kingdom of God, have the power to be victors in Jesus name and that we do not have to be victims.

Carl Henderson Missionary-Evangelist, Siquijor Island (aka Witches Island), Philippines, Asia

Witches Island First Crusade (44 healed, 50 confess faith in Christ, and 37 workers are trained)

July 13, 2011

We trained thirty-seven (37) leaders (Pastors and church workers) in how to heal the sick using The Elijah Challenge healing. In the training twelve (12) students were healed of various infirmities. The crusade began at 6pm and lasted about two hours. Thirty-two (32) more people were healed including three breast tumors, Urinary Tract Infections, hearing problems, arthritis, deafness, migraine headaches, cancer, kidney pain, lazy eyes, sever wrist injuries, goiters, shoulder, knee, and back pain and injuries, etc,.. After the healings were concluded, we gave an “alter call” for those who wanted to put their “Faith and Trust in Jesus” and “turn from their sins in repentance.” Over fifty people came forward to commit their lives to Christ! At the conclusion of the crusade a violent torrential rain storm broke out trapping most of the participants in the same sheltered dry location for about three hours. This allowed the new believers to fellowship with the older believers and pastors. We believe this will lead many of them to plug into some of the existing congregations.

Among those who were healed and who also put their faith in Christ for the first time was the notorious witch and sorcerer, Juan Ponce’s daughter-in-law and two daughters (all are adults in their twenties). Juan Ponce as you recall is a famous/notorious witch on this Island. These three women had more joy on their faces than perhaps any other participants.

When we visited Juan Ponce’s house for the second time and found him in bed, they came to where we were preaching on the porch and the interior of Juan Ponce’s house. They came to visit and listen to us preaching to Juan Ponce as they had the first time we went there. They were invited to come to the crusade and they asked us to give them motorcycle fare so they would be able to come to the crusade. We agreed to give it to them but after what we had seen with Juan Ponce, I expected they would just take the fare money and spend it on something else. But they arrived at the crusade early and they wore big smiles of anticipation on their faces. All three of them were healed of severe female problems and cancer. God is so good that three family members were healed and snatched from the heritage of this evil multi-generational clan of witches.

Our totals for the day were forty-four people healed (our second highest one day total of people healed) and fifty confessed faith in Christ (I believe this is the highest one day total we have ever had), about two hundred attended the crusade and thirty-seven church leaders were trained to heal the sick and they healed many sick people at their first crusade.

The following day during specialized deliverance training over 100 people went thru deliverance at the same time with many amazing manifestations especially a lot of strong emotional crying.

In Christ service, Ptr. Carl Henderson, MOR and

Heated Musl__m encounter in Surigao 

July 17, 2011

We had a meeting with our Dinaget Island Crusade contact. He was running late so we had been planning to do some evangelism in the park in Surigao but since the meeting was so late, we decided to merely walk through the park for familiarization and do evangelism the next day before we leave Surigao. We have done evangelism in this park during our previous stays in Surigao while conducting Crusades there over a year ago.

When we arrived at the park there was a Musl__m Rally with five men publicly praying in the Musl__m manner. I climbed up on the platform near them and took their pictures. As soon as I was done taking the photos they ran over with big smiles and tried to talk to me obviously trying to convert me to Islam. Since my motto is “preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season.” (2 Tim.4:2). I was prepared for them and I asked them some questions such as, “if Isl–m is a free religion anyone can be or not be a Musl__m, why is it a death penalty for those who leave Islam.” They tried to quote Hebrews 10:28 to me as proof that people who leave Judaism or Christianity are also killed for breaking the law of Moses. As our discussion continued they were so confident that they eventually wanted to put me on the Loud speaker system and they gave me a microphone.

They obviously thought I was a typical preacher or missionary and not a veteran Open Air / Street Preacher and missionary-evangelist. When they gave me the microphone I went into a classic Way Of The Master (WOTM) preaching mode, to a park full of over 100+ people, mostly non-Musl__ms. I preached “sin, righteousness, judgment”, justice, redemption, grace and mercy, in and through Jesus Christ alone. I then branched out into the difference between Islam and Christianity saying things like you can be born a Musl__m but you cannot be born a Christian you must be “Born Again” to be a Christian. I described various Musl__m crimes committed in the Philippines (they are responsible 100% of all the counterfeit movie and music CD and DVDs), their kidnapping Filipinas and selling them as sex slaves into the Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia. Then I contrasted this with Christianity where no Christian has blown himself up and murdered others in order to go to heaven but Musl__ms do it all over even in the Philippines and the world.

I then explained that no one can cancel sin by doing good as Musl__ms and Roman Catholics believe. After 20 minutes they had not taken the microphone away from me so I went on about massacres of Christian by Musl__ms in the Philippines, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand and Pakistan, etc,. Then I went back to a strong gospel message and called on all men to repent and explained that Issa (the Muslim name for Jesus) is the only way that anyone can approach the Father and I explained the shedding of blood in animal sacrifices all through the Bible from Abraham with Isaac (they say Ishmael), to Moses and the children of Israel and how Jesus was the perfect Lamb that was figured and shown all through scriptures. They tried to take the microphone from me and I asked to close out my speech by refuting a common argument of Musl__ms that Jesus did not die on the cross but that Judas had died on the cross.

Then I finished speaking knowing I had probably not persuaded any Musl__ms but hoping the message made since to the weak Roman Catholics who easily fall prey to the Musl__m lies.

In the mean time they had run and got a bottle of some fluid and brought it back and they pulled out a chair and asked me to sit while they asked me some Bible questions. Noting that their Bible questions and answer had previously been very weak, I agreed to sit on the stage with them. The leader smiling proudly said I was a Christian and I believe the Bible which I told him, I do believe the Bible if it is properly understood and interpreted.

He them read Mark 16:15-18, and said that I could not do any of the things listed here which includes; casting out demons, speaking in tongues, picking up snakes, drinking poison and healing the sick. Our mission team and I, were ecstatic that he chose a section of scriptures that we specialize in; especially healing the sick and casting out demons.

He would not let me answer his challenge, but he talked over me and concluded his speech saying I could not do any of these things. I told him we could do them but he would not give us the microphone so people at a distant could hear what I was saying.

I tried to say we could do that and before I could offer to heal the sick right then and there, he pulled out the bottle and claimed in contained “Muriatic acid” and he dared me to drink it, to prove I could drink poison and not die. I even entertained it for a moment but realized the admonition was about those poisoned by others not those who willfully and foolishly drank poison.  I remembered Jesus response to satan attempt to get him to Jump of the Temple,.. “You shall not tempt the Lord your God.” So I refused to drink it although I held it in order to get the microphone back so we could heal the sick. I was also aware that throwing acid in people’s faces and blinding and scaring them was a favorite Musl__m tactic with people they were angry with.  He began to shout and laugh and mock so I shouted for those who needed to be healed to come forward so we could heal them.

Two people came forward and our mission team and I took authority over their illness in Jesus name (using the Elijah Challenge) and both of them were healed (one of general weakness, knee, hip pain and Diabetes, and the other of a visible breast tumor at the top of her breast).

When I told Musl__m speaker that these two are healed, he shouted that it was a trick,.. I shouted as loud as I could to the people in the park that they were healed but he was drowning me out with the microphone. I went back up on the platform and tried to get him to give me the microphone but he became very angry. He angrily threw the Bible he had read from, on to the table and started screaming like a maniac that this was his event and we had no right to be there! He slammed his hand on the table several times and then he realized how insane he looked so he put on his smiley Islam face, back on and said we could not use the microphone because it was theirs and we needed to get our own microphone.

At that point the mission team members grabbed me and said let’s go. When I turned around, they had been surrounded by a large number of angry Musl__m men and women who were shouting at me and them. We withdrew taking one of the healed people with us the other ran from the park for her safety. After we withdrew to the outer ring of the park. I decided then that we would not leave but that we would go around the park just out of range from the Musl__m crowd and heal as many other sick people as possible to prove that Christians can do what Mark 16 says, and to show that the Musl__ms were lying and to prove Jesus has all authority on heaven and earth.

In the next 30 minutes we healed 6 people and several of those healed followed us around the park. The Musl__ms kept slandering us and calling us dogs, etc,.. Nevertheless, the whole mission team worked well disseminating the message that we had healed, we could heal in Jesus name, and we were willing to heal them in Jesus name.

This was a divine appointment and opportunity which was orchestrated by God, himself, and it gave me a Musl__m sound system to preach a Christian message for over 25 minutes in a crowed park in the center of Surigao City, in Musl__m Mindanao.

Our mission team is made up of me and three females (two of the females have been missionaries for only one month and are not fully trained) and a 15-year-old boy who is with us this trip. Considering the very real threat that Musl__ms represent, they performed very admirably on a moment’s notice.

God is good and he is a God of surprises,… I love these surprise missions opportunity. We also spent some of the time last night on the boat doing one to one evangelism with the ferry crew and passengers. We have learned that “to preach the word and to be ready in season and out of season” is not a figure of speech in Asia. It is our reality! Praise the Lord!

In Christ service, Carl Henderson

Dinaget Island Crusade (97 healed and more than 120 confess faith in Christ, 90 believers trained)

July 202011

We trained 97 believers in The Elijah Challenge method of healing the sick using the power and authority of Jesus name. During the training 52 people were healed and during the crusade that followed another 45 people were healed giving us a total 97 people healed in one day. (In this crusade we had 34 more people healed than in any previous crusade).

I preached a Way of the Master sermon about sin, judgment and righteousness through Christ. I finished the lesson by asking them “how do they know that what I told them about Christ Jesus was true?” I told them I could prove that it was true that very night. I used the story of the “Paralytic” man lowered through the roof in front of Jesus. From this story, I explained that Jesus can forgive sin and the proof was that he healed the crippled. This indicated that sins being forgiven and being healed both have the same sources of power and authority, the sources is Jesus.

I then told them if Jesus heals tonight that they should put their faith and trust in him and turn from sin in repentance. I explained that if Jesus heals people tonight they have no option but to believe in him and to follow him. I also told them that “if Jesus did not heal people at the crusade they should not believe in him or follow him.” I told them that “if Jesus did heal people they must follow him.” I repeated over and over that “the God who heals is the God who is real!” If Jesus heals, “that proves he is real, and that he can forgive their sins and raise them from the dead and give them eternal life in also.  If he does not heal then they should continue on in their sins and never think about God again.”

I asked the whole crowd is this a fair deal? They all agreed! Like the nation of Israel did with Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Then we called for those who needed to be healed to come forward for healing. We took authority in Jesus name and people were being healed all over the place; vaginal bleeding, tumors, cist, back pain, blindness, poor vision, headaches, fevers, body pain and weakness, breast tumors, crippling knee pain, strokes, blurry vision and even children who had been injured while playing were healed.

We had only three people who were not completely healed and even these three all stated they were 50% better.  I then reminded the group of our deal and my boast about Jesus that “The God who heals is the God who is real.” I had those who wanted to follow Jesus now raise their hands. Over a hundred hands went up.  

I had them put their hands down and I explained that following Jesus meant pain, trial, tribulation and persecution and that what was done to Jesus would be done to those who followed him. I then asked how many want to follow Jesus still? The same hands went up.

I had them put their hands down and I explained how Jesus had been humiliated and suffered hanging on the cross for them and he requires us to die to ourselves and take up our cross and follow him. I asked again, who here wants to stand for the Christ who died for them. Everyone stood-up again.  I told them if you’re serious and you intend to follow Christ all the rest of your life, turn from your sins and previous way of life, and you are willing to die for Christ if necessary, then come forward.

Over 120 people came forward and raised their hand again as they accepted Jesus,.. some wept and many were full of joy. Even the three who were only partially healed came forward to follow Jesus. I explained how they need to be disciples and read their Bibles, pray, worship Jesus daily, and fellowship together with God’s people.

We tried to release the crowd three times but they would not disperse they just wanted to stay and bask in the beauty of the power of Jesus name, his presence and the experience the joy of being God’s people. It was another amazing night! We serve an awesome God.

The local pastors who were present began to network with the throng of new believers. We were exhausted but it was a good exhaustion. The feeling of being used powerfully to advance the Kingdom of God! This was the largest number of miracles (97 people healed) and the largest number of people who have confessed faith in Christ at one of our crusades (more than 120 people-we could not count them all-both both of the people counting lost track at over 120 people).

In Christ service, 

Pastor Carl Henderson