Londrina, Paraná
December 2011

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

Dr. Célia Itikawa is a Brazilian pediatrician and family doctor of Japanese descent who in September 2011 was healed of her heart condition. At that time she was attending the first session of the Elijah Challenge Training hosted by the Central Presbyterian Church of Londrina. 

But her knee

Célia is a runner, but had been unable to enjoy the sport because of her left knee which had been broken in an accident seven years earlier and did not heal properly. She also suffered from Sudek’s Atrophy in her left foot from a cut. The Lord had healed her heart at The Elijah Challenge Training in September 2011, but she was not ministered to for the problem in her left knee and foot. And so she still could not run as she could eight years ago before she developed the heart condition and was involved in the accident which injured her knee. 

Healing at a distance as in Luke 7

On December 6, 2011 while in Houston I wrote her, “We are going to minister healing for your knees at a distance from here in the name of Jesus Christ. You should start feeling improvement. Get up and run in Jesus’ name!” Then I ministered healing to her by issuing a command with authority. At that moment she was in Brazil.

She runs

Célia wrote us on December 11:

“God is a miracle God. When you commanded my knee to be healed and told me to run, I said to my doctor, physiotherapist, and personal trainer, “I need to run to prove my cure.” They all said, “No, you’ll need an ambulance.” My personal trainer said, “Run only 4 km; you’re not in shape, not prepared. For 3 years you haven’t run because of the heart condition, and then two and a half years with your left knee broken twice and then an operation on your cartilage.”

“I praise the Lord, [when I ran] there was no pain in my left knee and no swelling, but after 40 minutes running I felt some pain in my “good” right knee because of tiredness. Then I walked for while, and then I finished my run in 1 hour and 15 minutes. When I go to physiotherapy I always do treatment with ultrasound in both knees, because the right knee always does double the work to help the injured left one. But now both are OK. No swelling.”

“Remember that after the miracle of my heart being healed at the Presbyterian Church last September, I ran for 30 minutes (2 kilometers), my knee swelled up and I couldn’t walk the next day. But today, after God healed my left knee, I ran 10 km in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Before my accident about 8 years ago, I did the 10 km run in 50 minutes. Thank you, Lord, my knees were equal today while running; it was better because there was no pain.”