Elijah Challenge Coordinator Carl Henderson ministering in the Philippines shared the following with us…

“I have been slack at reporting everything that has been happening here this last year, but healings, deliverance, and salvation are just so ordinary now, unless it is some big event we forget to keep track of the number of people healed or what was healed, etc, it just does not seems like it is worth re-telling the same types of miracles again and again.

Unless it is something unusual, or under unusual circumstance, it is just normal for our ministry to have a lot of miracles and see a lot of people healed.  I know this sounds jaded but we are not taking glory from God but miracles in the power and authority of Jesus name, is just normal for us.  All of our trained missionaries also heal routinely. Even they rarely tell me about the miracles unless it is an unusual miracle.  We swim, live and breathe in the miraculous with The Elijah Challenge, it is all around us and it is so normal it seems redundant to keep talking about another breast lump disappearing, or ears opened or leg, back, eye sight, crippled foot, migraines, seizures or back injuries being healed, etc, etc.

Oh, we did have neat gangling cyst on a wrist that was healed.  It was an obvious deformity and then it was gone. The knot on the back of her wrist was about 1½ inches high and when it was healed it was flat and normal just like the other wrist.  She said it got hot and the popped and was gone. It was hard as a rock before it was healed. God is so amazing!

(What we have experienced is a lot of unusual and intense persecution from other ministries and pastors, perhaps out of envy.  Much gossip, slander and murmuring against us but we are too busy to entertain them, we just keep on marching on.)

I have noticed that we get more miracles than the people we train because we are so persistent.  Once the mountain begins to move, I just won’t quite until we get it cast into the sea.  I would estimate that we get a third more miracles than those we train because we don’t quite and I think they quite too early (with two or three tries).  Some people who are not completely healed one day, I will have them come back the next day so we can attack it again. I also seem to know which people will not get healed and I don’t put so much energy into them and I save it for those I know will be healed. I believe it is discernment from the Lord. 

I have also stopped healing people when I discerned something was wrong and I told everyone one let’s see if the healing they have so far stays with them until the next day.  In every case where they lost their partial healing it was a believer with serious unconfessed sin.  Like a pastor who was a bigamist with two families, etc. This man’s cancer returned after many of the tumors on his face and throat had visibly shrunk during TEC healing.  The cancer returned with a vengance and took his life in four weeks.  I visited him in the hospital and as far as we know he never repented.  It turns out everyone knew about his sin (except us) but he thought it was a secret. He went to his grave in rebellion against God. This was a very sad story.”