Bonnie Deering, an old friend of ours, read and studied The Elijah Challenge Training Manual during the summer of 2011. She had downloaded the Manual from the internet. In August we received the following testimony from her.

“While at our home group Sunday evening one of our members shared that her brother had suddenly gone into a comma and they were not sure if he was going to make it. We prayed and and even though they had not gone through the teaching, I commanded whatever was attacking him to go in the name of Jesus and believed that the word would go forth to bring healing. Others prayed as well in the traditional manner as you have described many times in your teaching.  

Below is the testimony we received today from his sister:

‘UPDATE on my brother who was in a coma in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana since Friday. They froze him and unfroze him to bide time to figure out what happened and how to proceed.

David is alive! He is talking, albeit slowly and with a very sore throat from being intubated. He has some broken ribs from CPR. They believe that he completely bottomed out with low blood sugar and had a very low blood pressure. He spoke to my dad and told him that he was CLEAN (no illegal drugs, which is a concern since he is an addict and been in jail for 1/2 of his life from selling) so as of now there is no reason to believe this was illegal drug induced. 

 Apparently he hasn’t been taking care of himself physically. He was not eating right, not taking his insulin (he’s daily injection dependent). The doctors are all amazed and cannot believe he survived and has no brain damage. He’ll be in the hospital for a bit to figure out what happened and run some tests but it seems like he is in the clear for the most part! My dad is so thankful to all of you for your prayers. He believes and we all know.. prayer works and God is bigger than all medical issues! Praise God!'”