Adelaide, South Australia – April 2011

On Monday, April 3 we shared our testimony and introduced the Basic Training at a special meeting at Clovercrest Baptist Church in Adelaide. At the end of the meeting as a demonstration of healing the sick we asked a sister with a very bad heart condition named Cheryl to come to the front for healing. Cheryl’s condition was so severe that doctors would not even attempt to operate on her heart.

When she came up to the front, she had severe pain in her heart. Because of the pain she had been unable to sleep the previous night. She also had not eaten. We laid hands on her and exercised authority over the disease in Jesus’ name. The pain lessened. The first time, it went down to 70%. The second time of ministry, it decreased to 50%, then to 30%, finally down to 15%-20% the fourth time around. Since it was getting late, we decided to stop and asked Cheryl to return for ministry at the Training which would begin the following Thursday evening.

A big speed bump

Cheryl went back to her seat. After the meeting while we were talking with people, Lucille was called to the back where she found Cheryl lying down across her seat. She would not respond to Lucille when she spoke to her; she looked as if she was asleep—without any outward sign of distress. Lucille asked for an ambulance to be summoned. 

Shortly afterwards Cheryl awoke and sat up. She looked OK. When the EMTs arrived they checked her heart and found it normal. When they asked her about the pain in her heart, she replied that it was 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. She insisted that she was OK and did not want to go with the EMTs to the hospital. But just as a precaution the sisters advised her to go to the hospital. She relented and stood up from her seat and got up on the gurney on her own power. The EMTs whisked her away to the hospital.

The next morning we were told by Mark the pastor at Clovercrest that Cheryl iswas on life support at the hospital. There were no details regarding her condition—whether it had take a grave turn for the worse or there was some other reason for her being put on life support.

A comforting vision & word from the Lord

After sharing this matter with our intercessors, Pastor Rick Freeman in Houston wrote us:

“When I read your message about Cheryl, I saw the spirit of death at work when she arrived at the hospital. Also the Kundalini spirit was at work in your service and especially with Cheryl. I have rebuked these spirits. Cheryl should feel a release from the base of her spine up into the head. I have spoken LIFE over Cheryl this day In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Later Rick wrote us again:

“I want to relay something I saw today while praying for Cheryl. The sun was coming up over the ocean. But as it was coming up there was a thunderstorm blocking the sun from shining. But the sun kept shining and finally broke through to bring in the new day of LIFE. The sun was beautifully glimmering light across the waters. It’s a wonderful day.

Now what that said to me was. I was looking across the ocean so I was seeing what is happening there with Cheryl. The storm was the doubters around her. I would suggest to keep away from her anyone who does not believe she will rise up. Now the Son was going to shine regardless of the storm and “doubt” and did so, bringing new life for the day. New life for Cheryl. It was beautiful.

Challenge everyone to have FAITH. Cheryl will rise up just as the Son did. Only believe.”

The Elijah Challenge Training begins

The following Thursday, the Lord was gracious to bless our first Elijah Challenge Training session. Participants came from different churches in the city to fill the classroom at Clovercrest Baptist Church. The Lord enabled us to teach clearly and effectively. At the end of the session, we had people with pain in their bodies come forward to be healed by the Lord. Nearly all of them reported either being healed or great improvement after the disciples ministered to them in Jesus’ name.

Cheryl wakes up

On Friday we received a report from one of our hosts Richard Hawke that Cheryl was waking up in the hospital and beginning to talk. Richard was informed that at some point after arriving at the hospital Monday evening earlier that week, Cheryl was suffering from seizures. She was then given drugs in order to induce a coma. As the drugs were withdrawn she came out of the coma.

Pastor Mark Purser of Clovercrest Baptist shared with us that when he visited Cheryl in the hospital around 4 PM Friday afternoon, she was carrying on a nearly normal conversation with him. According to Cheryl’s daughter Ruby who has been in close contact with her mother and who was present last night, Cheryl’s heart, blood pressure, and blood sugar appear to be normal.

Near the end of the Friday evening Training session, we ministered again to Cheryl at a distance from where we were. After that Ruby called her mother at the hospital, and Cheryl told her that she was doing better and better. Our host Richard Hawke informed us:

“Cheryl is doing well. She comes out of the hospital today. She reports no pain in her chest, she is able to walk much more freely and much stronger in herself. She also said [her daughter] Ruby has not heard voices now for over a week, for the first time in 15 years! The Lord is good!”

Cheryl’s daughter Ruby had been suffering from long-term schizophrenia and had attended some of the Training sessions last week where she received ministry. After that she stopped hearing the voices which had been telling her to hurt herself.

No more voices

On April 17, Richard wrote us:

“We prayed with Cheryl yesterday at her home. She is very happy, no pain in her heart at all. She is still on some medication for seizures but plans to slowly come off that as she believes the Lord has healed her. Her level of faith is great. Her daughter Ruby has ceased having self-harm thoughts, which she has had for a long time. These thoughts first ceased on Monday evening when you shared your testimony at church while she was at home. Also when Ruby went to the doctor on Monday to have the growth in her ear removed (over which we prayed on Friday night), he was so surprised to see that it had shrunk to the point where not even a biopsy was required. 

…A small group of us were able to minister to a woman who has had excruciating pain in her jaw for many years. We sensed it was demonic. She has had much prayer before, but to no avail. She and her husband had even been to your training in Adelaide two years ago. It was a little like ministering to Margaret [the African sister who had been delivered from severe demonic oppression in the middle of a Basic Training session]. A long time commanding and rebuking. After about 15 to 20 minutes she began to cry, then she screamed; then there was a real peace and she began to laugh. There was no doubt a real breakthrough had occurred. Praise God. 

We praise the LORD in all that He is showing and teaching us these days. They certainly have been tough, but we have grown in faith through them.”

More good news

On April 20 we heard from Richard again:

“Spoke to Cheryl tonight by phone. She is doing well and far better than the doctors have expected. They are surprised she is not back in the hospital. She is not using the morphine implant for the pain in her heart (she had been on this for about 8 years) as the doctors feel this may impact the seizures. Instead she’s having oral medication. She did say she is having some pain in her heart, but at a lower level. She is getting stronger by the day.

Ruby had her stitches out today from her ear. The doctor was so impressed with her healing that he took photos. [Ruby had had a growth on her ear which shrunk dramatically after two ladies ministered to her during the Friday Training session.]

Ruby has heard no voices still—a miracle! For 10 to 15 years she has had to live with “a room full of voices” clambering in her ear to harm herself.  Since that Monday night when you testified at church and ministered to Cheryl, Ruby has heard no more voices.”

The vision & word from the Lord fulfilled

On September 7 Richard wrote us:

“Today at church I met up with them both. They had been on an extended holiday together in Queensland. Cheryl looks very well. She says when they got back from holidays she felt the best she has in a long time. She is very grateful to the Lord.

Ruby told me she has no voices. Her life is so different now. She was able to get up at a church prayer meeting recently and give testimony to God’s healing power that night when her mother was prayed for. (I think this could be part of the fulfillment of the prophetic word from Pastor Rick Freeman in the US about the glory of God.) Again Ruby also looks very well. God is so good.”

Richard on October 24:

“Be encouraged; I spoke to Ruby yesterday. The doctor is now beginning to take her off one lot of her medications for schizophrenia; all being well, off the other medications in the near future. She will now be free of the side effects which have caused her to put on a lot of weight. Now she can look forward to returning to a much more normal weight which will be a great boost to her. She looks very well. I saw Ruby talking to one of the key leaders yesterday, no doubt sharing with him her latest news.”