Pastors Rasik & Lalita Ranchord of Abundant Life Centre
at left and at right in the foreground

Comments and feedback received after The Elijah Challenge Seminar was held at the Camp of the Abundant Life Centre in Wellington…

“Amazing things are happening [after the Camp] … the last two Sundays we sensed the power of God powerfully in our meetings, more so yesterday. During our pre-service prayer meeting the power of God was so strong; during the praise and worship we felt the anointing and the presence of God. The manifest presence of God was so strong that brother Manoj prophesied of the resurrection power of God and the power of God in us believers. There is excitement arising in everyone of us who were at the camp. I believe it is your impartation of God’s authority and power. God is doing something at Abundant Life Centre. Praise the Lord!!! The reality of God’s power and authority is so real. I am praying and believing for the harvest of souls in Wellington!

I am so blessed reading your book. As I am reading it, I am learning principles through your experiences/testimonies of the Lord’s power and miracles. The Holy Spirit is opening my spiritual eyes to see what the Lord has done through your obedience and I am so excited, if the Lord uses you powerfully He can also use me, or anybody who is obedient, for His glory.

We are excited at Abundant Life Centre and desperate to continue the momentum that the Lord has started in the Camp through you!

In our church service today Pastor Rasik asked people to testify about their healing miracles – it was powerful hearing the miracles of healing that took place! We also ministered to the sick. In our Life Group meeting we practiced what you have taught us – as we know “we have to use it or lose it.”

“It was a blessing to have you in the camp. We both agree, that was the best camp ever! It was very encouraging, and both of you have taken us into another level in our Christian walk.”

“I’d like to let you know that I had suffered from a digestive problem for a rather long time. Well, when you asked us at the Church Camp to lay hands and command any sickness to go, I’ve not had any problems all since. It’s so amazing, and I just want to praise the Lord Jesus for healing me, I’m so much better, and am still fine, now a month after praying.”

“I would like to share with you that I phone my mum in Malaysia and told her the good news you and Lucille have shared with us. I commanded healing for her gastric problems and also asked her to share with others. She has received healing and is exercising what Jesus has taught us to do.”

“We’re still buzzing and been practicing with what you’ve imparted to us! It will definitely stay! Praise God! I (we) will never be the same after that! There’s almost like a ‘renewed’ power inside me! I ‘found’ it again – the power that God has already given me, and time to exercise it! Take authority – heal the sick and preach the Gospel.

This morning, Pastor asked all of those who were healed at camp and asked to testify before the congregation. And we all did! We give glory to the Lord for what He has done! We talked about our amazing experience too, at our life group last Friday. I don’t think we’ll ever stop talking about it for sometime! Certainly, we will be exercising it. As what you’ve said, it’s only through doing it that we’ll get better at it! And of course, to continually walk closely with the Lord. The priestly and the kingly ministry go hand in hand. Face God first, and then face the people!”

“Our church had a mini-healing service on Sunday morning. Again I got the opportunity to pray over someone and you know what, I can really feel the power flowing through me and onto the person needing healing. It was a baby that I prayed over so I couldn’t tell if the baby was healed but by faith I know that he was.

I just want to say a big thank you to you both for the training, the talent that you both provided me and also the others that attended the camp. We had a great time there and I have to admit that this was like God sent. I think we have all been changed since the camp and since the healing night at Abundant Life Centre. It’s great to know that the authority is there for us to command when required. I know that means that we are more confident and bolder now.”

“I’m really thankful for the sessions as it has strengthened my trust in God. I’m now having a different perspective of healing and most of all, my view of God has been greatly expanded, I’m serving a great and mighty God…”

“I’m really blessed to have attended the camp and be equipped to heal the sick. On Monday right after the camp, I started having a sore throat, by Tuesday I not only have a sore throat but felt quite exhausted, and by Wednesday, I really felt bad. On Wednesday night, the Spirit of God spoke to me and I practiced what you taught at Camp and spoke to the infirmity. And praise God, I got healed!

Another thing I would like to share with you was one of my friends and colleagues whom I had the opportunity of inviting to the healing service at Abundant Life Centre on Sunday night. He was the one with the kidney stones and he got healed. Every time I see him at work I would ask how he is – and even just by observing him I can tell God has completely healed him. I’m still praying for him though as he has not accepted the Lord as his Savior yet. But I’m believing that with God on my side, there is nothing too hard to accomplish.”

“I was very much discouraged, [my physical condition from my infirmity] having deteriorated over the past 5-6 months after a very hectic year of working, studying and getting married. I was feeling very exhausted. Your prayer time with me was deeply encouraging, and when the entire church prayed for me, i could feel the heat of the anointing and my digestive track softened and i was able to eat a good lunch. Walking in healing will be a day-by-day thing for me as i continue to apply the principles I learned at the Camp. I have the fight back in me…”

“That camp was one of the best I’ve been to yet – inspiring yet challenging.”

“Things are very encouraging for us here since the camp. All those who received the training at the camp seem to have a new boldness around them. Both my wife and I can say that we sense a new authority and boldness when praying over people for healing.

We were recently asked by our Life Group member to pray for her friend (aunty) who suffers pain at the knees and has symptoms of arthritis. And requires surgery in the near future. Aunty is from Sri Lanka and is devout Buddhist so we were quite glad. We remembered what you said about knees being the ‘easier’ thing to heal and also that God will move even more for non-believers. We agreed to go and pray, while confident that God would move we were still nervous. On Good Friday, my wife, her sister, and I went around to Auntie’s house, we explain to her that it is not us that will heal but it is Jesus and that we believe that God will heal her. We then prayed and asked God to move, after that we went straight ahead into it. We commanded the disease and infirmity to leave in Jesus name. After that we asked aunty if she feels better, initially she said that she did feel a bit better. We were adamant to see full healing so we went at it two more times. We believe that aunty was being truthful when she said that she was feeling better. She confirmed that she felt a warm feeling around the knees when we were praying for her.

Afterwards we noticed that she now walks better than when we first met her. Praise the Lord. We cautiously warned her that the condition may come back and that the only was to overcome it was by becoming a child of Jesus and speak authority over it. We were not disappointed that she didn’t received Christ there and then but we believe that the seed has been planted.

We have also been using this new power to command headaches, back pain and other sickness to flee. This is something we would have never done if we have never received the training from you and Lucille. Thank you so much. By the way, I have been reading your book and have been very encouraged by the events you described and how God always seem to come through when you stick your neck out for His name’s sake.”