Testimony from Joshua M. in Florida who trained with The Elijah Challenge in November 2007 and October 2008

“Using the authority and power of Christ, a few people have been healed lately.

One girl was here in my apartment visiting my roommates and I felt like the Lord wanted me to ask her what she needed prayer for. This took her aback and I said “No seriously…what do you need?” and she told me her knee was hurting tremendously. So I said “OK.” I then continued to listen for the instructions from the Holy Spirit. He told me to bend down and touch her knee. It was something I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, but I did it anyway. Then I listened and prayed to the Lord something like this: “Lord God, thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for your grace, your mercy and your continuing love. Father, I ask that you hear us and heal this woman not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.” I then opened my eyes and the Lord told me to command her knee to be healed.

I spoke, meaning to sound forceful and loud, but what came out was a gentle, quiet rebuke softly spoken (I was shocked at my own voice). “In Jesus’ name I command your knee to be healed completely and totally.”

That was it.

She said “thank you” (she’s from Vineyard, so they’re used to people praying for healing and nothing happening really) and I said “How is it?” Her eyes suddenly got big as she realised what had happened. “Oh my….my knee!” She then began laughing, bending her knee and hopping around my living room saying “My knee’s been healed! My knee’s been healed! Praise Jesus!”

There were a couple other people healed and demons cast out on other occasions but what I’ve noticed about everybody that the Lord has used me to heal is that the message I carried at the time was in line with God’s will and I was walking with God.

Additionally, it not only carries into healing and casting out demons but also when I speak so that the Spirit of the Lord carries me. From time to time I receive the urging to travel down to Santa Monica 3rd Street Promonade, Pierce College square or elsewhere and I just start reading the Word of God outloud. Once I went down to Santa Monica I ended up preaching for 1-2 hours without stopping. People spit at me, made fun of me, and a couple stopped and asked what the Lord would want from them.

Several people were drawn into repentance and two in particular (a daughter and her father) told me they could see the power of God on my life and they began attending church regularly. They’ve been consistently going now for the past month and a half. Other Christians began coming around, getting convicted and repenting of their sins. After they repented they started ministering to people as they walked by and when the preaching was done, they thanked me so much for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Two devout ‘atheists’ from my former days are beginning to come to the knowledge of the Lord.

A small handful of people of all ages, mostly older, come to me regularly to be discipled.

I just thank you both so much for the training I’ve received…”