London, England, UK
October 11, 2015

Two dramatic healings of painful and obviously crippled people.

As we arrived at the majestic edifice of the Church of England in Eating Green, you could not help but be impressed by the grandeur of the buildings.   We moved around to the side, to a smaller parish building, where a mixed denomination and congregation of Polish immigrants to England, had formed a church, which met regularly on the premises.    Here we were invited to teach them about healing, using the Power and Authority of Jesus name (in The Elijah Challenge).   As we entered the outer courtyard we had to pass through a single door into the interior of the building. 

However, our way was obscured and blocked by an elderly woman, who was heavy set and walking with crutches which wrapped around her forearms.  She was moving very slowly and painfully.  We were stuck behind her for over 5-minutes as she painfully inched her way up the narrow hallways to the meeting hall.  Finally, we were able to pass her and make our way to our seats, nearly late for our own teaching, because of this slow moving lady. 

Since they were starting a new round of Praise and Worship to fill in for our late arrival, I decided to go back out in the hall, where I had seen a large roller cart with coffee and other snacks on it.  I was severely jet lagged and very tired from back to back trips from the USA to Zambia, Africa and then back to London, in the United Kingdom.  I don’t normally drink coffee but I thought a couple of quick cups of sweet, milky coffee, would give me a much needed “pick-me-up”, if the time permitted.   As I hurriedly reached the cart there was a young lady ahead of me, who was moving very slowly and once again I was blocked from getting quick access, this time to the coffee cart.  Slowly she turned around holding a large jug of milk and began to mumble something unintelligible to me.  I asked her what she needed in English, so she would know I did not speak Polish.  I thought to myself that perhaps I had not understood her, because she was speaking Polish. 

She began to mumble and painfully try to communicate with me and I realized she had a severe speech impediment.  I looked at the milk jug and I guessed she wanted me to help her take off the lid.  When I asked her if she needed my help taking off the lid, she shook her head, yes.  So I quickly helped her and as I watched, I noticed she was paralyzed in her right hand and arm.  After she finished her coffee and walked away, I quickly poured two cups of strong coffee, I watered them down and cooled them off with a lot of milk and sugar and wolfed them down and ran back inside in time for the teaching.

I had a very short time (less than three hours to teach) so I taught an abbreviated version of The Elijah Challenge.  At the end we began the demonstration phase of the training.  Instead, of two lines of newly trained people, I formed a small group of females and males who were healed and then had them begin to heal others.  Anyone who was healed would then turn around and heal others.  This resulted in groups of people all over the building healing others and being healed. 

Many people were involved in healing others and in truth we do not know how many were healed, as little groups all around the meeting hall, would suddenly break into praise as one person after another was healed, in different locations around the meeting hall.  At least 28 people were healed (which we could remember) but there were others we never saw who were also healed.  I suspect there may have been twice as many as the 28 people we could remember.  Also people started calling their relatives and friends to come to the building and be healed also.  More people kept arriving to be healed, people we had not seen during the teaching time.

I was blessed to be able by God’s grace, to heal the crippled lady who had blocked our entrance to the building.  On the first command she said it was 10% better but that her badly crushed and swollen lower leg was very hot.  On the second command she improved again.  On the third command she went into severer pain and was almost crying.  She kept saying it is breaking again.  She was holding her leg and crying.  I asked how she was doing and she said, “don’t stop, do it again!”  We commanded healing again and again.  She would not let us stop.  She kept saying, “It’s getting better, but it hurts so bad, it is breaking again and being changed.”  She threw away her crutches and jumped and walked and cried tears of joy and hugged us many times as she was completely healed.  She walked around for nearly four hours (the healing demonstration time ended up being much longer that the teaching time) and it was nearly midnight before people would leave.  She walked around quickly from person to person, for hours, healing others on her newly healed leg.  She of course had great faith after her miracle. 

She later wrote us a text and told us she nearly did not come to the meeting that night.  She said, “If I had not come, I would have missed the greatest miracle of my life.”  She told us that we had taken authority 12 times before she was completely healed.  I did not realize it was so many times but it shows the power of perseverance. 

By the grace of God, I also had the privilege of healing the girl with the crippled arm and hand.  It turns out she had been in a car accident and she had brain damage and a large dent and small scar on the left side of her forehead.  Her right arm and hand was crippled and it seemed that at best she had about 10-20% of her natural mobility in her arm and hand and the brain damage had also affected her speech.   She looked like a stroke victim.  As we took authority over her arm, hand and tongue, the tongue improved immediately and I could understand her speech.  Before only her mother could understand her attempts at speech, and she began to speak to different people in both Polish and English.  This happened right in front of me and many people were amazed that they could now talk to her and understand her answers.  Her hand and especially her arm also cleared up and began to move normally. 

Soon she could pick-up her mother’s rings, from her mother’s open hands and thread them on her fingers and take them on and off of her mother’s fingers.  Showing dexterity she had not had before.  Her mother was so full of joy.  She had improved so much that a big crowd had gathered around the girl.  Many people knew the girl as the “crippled girl”.  The girl became embarrassed by all the attention she was receiving from the growing crowd.  She asked to go and told her mother to take her home.  Her mother encouraged her to stay but her embarrassment compelled her to go.  By the time she and her mother hugged me good-bye, she could speak 90% like normal and her arm seemed to be 100% healed and her finger were probably 80-90% healed.  We prayed that God would continue to heal her at home.  Many were rejoicing at this dramatic improvement although I was disappointed that we could not push through to complete healing.  However, I respected her wishes as the girl was beginning to panic because of the large crowd of eager onlookers.

It was a long and exhausting night.  I taught for a few hours and the healings went on for nearly four hours.  150 were trained and at least 28 were healed in London, England!  As Forest Gump said, “Then God showed up!”

Pastor Carl Henderson of Texas trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006