Kurt & Mary Simms own Simms Electrical Services in Crosby, Texas
June 2013

More reports from Kurt & Mary

Our 18-year-old daughter Victoria went on a youth retreat this summer. She is on her second week with junior high kids around 12-13 years old and she is a counselor. I just got this text message and she is giving me testimonies of healing going on at a Second Baptist junior high beach retreat held in South Padre Island. Here is her report:

“Two of my girls got healed today!! One of a headache as she felt a release, something leaving her head. Also bones in her ankle moved [and she was healed]. Another girl had a emotional spirit attached to her and she would get really upset. And it was hard for her to sleep when she is away from home. She instantly felt relieved and happy [as I ministered to her]. It was awesome!!! One of my girls also had nerve damage, but after I interviewed her I learned that she has unforgiveness and isn’t ready to let go. So I didn’t minister to her. But maybe later in the week!”

Victoria has graduated now and will be attending Houston Baptist University; she is on the move. At the end of school she was asked to come up with a group of girls who had raised money for a boy that had multiple health problems and was blind. Some of the girls were asked to lead prayer for this boy, but they were typical prayers without faith. Afterwards when Victoria was in her car getting ready to leave she felt the Holy Spirit drawing her to get out of her car and go and approach the boy’s mother about ministering healing to him. Then she went and ministered healing to the boy, and the boy would respond by moving his feet in certain ways for that’s the way he communicated. She began to ask the boy if he could see and he was able to see!

There are multiple health problems with this boy and she is going to do some follow up.