John Wen is the head of Mission Harmony, an organization based in Dallas which takes the gospel to Taiwan and China via short-term mission trips utilizing large teams of believers from the USA. John and his wife Amy attended The Elijah Challenge Basic Training II in Houston in March 2011. Below is an incident which took place on Saturday, April 23, 2011.

“Last  night at 11 PM as soon as I finished our itinerary [for the mission trip to Taiwan & China this summer], guess what happened? A sudden strange swelling pain came upon me buried inside my upper body. At such a painful level I had to lie on the floor, curling up and thinking of going to the emergency room right away. Never before had I experienced such pain knocking me over like this. After I took a couple tablets hoping to relieve the pain, I realized that it was no ordinary pain, but an evil attack from Satan.

The Elijah Challenge training sprang up in my mind, and I started to use Jesus’ authority firmly (Matt 16:18, 18:18) to rebuke the devil and the infirmity, commanding my body to be healed. As God’s power started to work in me, I asked my wife Amy to join with me in using God’s authority to continue rebuking the demons and repeatedly commanding my body to be strong to fend off the attacks.

In less than five minutes, the pain was down by 80% and I was able to stand up and walk around. Then I called an Elijah Challenge disciple to continue rebuking the enemy and to minister healing to me. Over the phone, she (her husband was not at home) ministered to me again by using Jesus’ authority with mountain-moving faith. In few minutes, I started sweating and the pains left completely. The attack was completely defeated in less than ten minutes, and I feel great this morning.

During  this ordeal my PC went weird “by itself” and displayed very large fonts causing me to panic. Later I fixed it by powering it off twice. I discovered that the settings of the display resolution had been strangely changed to the lowest setting. This had never happened before!  Of course we also rebuked the problem in the PC.

Praise to the Lord for His resurrection power; we are victorious with His authority in any event. But the spiritual battle for this year’s Mission Harmony trip to Taiwan and China will come, especially since we have a tough mission ahead of us. It has just entered a new stage, are you ready?…”

John  Wen