John Latini attended The Elijah Challenge in February 2013

Reports from John Latini

Last night (Sunday, March 17, 2013)
 I was invited to attend Bethel Community Church in Port Jervis, NY.  My 15-year-old son Branden was with us. Pastor Harold and Sheri Butler were leading worship and Pastor Harold was speaking on “Inner Healing & Identity in Christ”.  Worship was incredible and Pastor Harold’s message was powerfully led by the Holy Spirit.  At the end of the service several came forward for prayer. 

Pastor Harold asked if I would minister healing to them and God’s love and grace were overwhelming.  A young teenage girl came forward stating she badly injured her knee during ballet practice, her mom stated she had not been able to go back to practice due to her pain.  I placed my hand on her knee and commanded her pain to leave, all ligaments, tendons to be restored in Jesus Name.  After the first time she stated the pain was about half of what it was before.  I called my son Branden over and asked him to place his hand on her knee and command healing in Jesus’ Name.  After two times the young teenage girl was jumping up and down as she was completely healed. 

Another woman stated she had severe back pain and her ankles were swollen.  I placed my hand on her back and my son placed his hands on her ankles.  A tremendous amount of heat flowed through her body and she stated she felt numbness & tingling all down her legs.  The woman was completely healed and was bending all the way to the floor thanking Jesus. 

Another woman stated she had a blood disease. As Pastor Harold and Sheri ministered healing, she felt tremendous heat and electricity pulsating and flowing all throughout her body.  She was going back to the doctor this week to get checked as we believe she was also healed. 

Two weeks ago I was at The Forerunner House of Prayer, Port Jervis, NY and ministered to a woman with severe back pain and Cystic Fibrosis.  That night she stated all of her pain left. I received word yesterday that she went back to the doctors and they informed her she no longer has Cystic Fibrosis.  She also stated she is has been completely pain free.  Praise Jesus!

My wife and I have seen many miraculous healings since attending The Elijah Challenge.  It is so awesome as my 15-year-old son Branden is now ministering healing with us.  We have decided to start documenting all healings and videotaping as many as possible.  We will be posting the miraculous healings on Facebook and YouTube to encourage other believers as well as show God’s healing power to the lost.

In the below picture the woman sitting in the chair had severe back pain due to discs being out of place. I asked her sister (woman standing next to me as I knelt) to place her hand on the area in pain. I placed my hand on top of hers and ministered healing. She was completely healed and has been pain free for two weeks! She had been in pain for years. Thank you Jesus!