Trin Trinh trained with The Elijah Challenge and lives in Minnesota
August 2013 Testimony

This happened a few months ago. The lady in the photo is Mrs. Ngoat. We came to a nursing home to visit her because a friend at church urged us to go and shared with us her conditions at the time (in March). He told me her husband had passed away in January in that nursing home where she is now. He died when he stopped eating because he was so sad there. Now Mrs. Ngoat had to be there because she had a broken back and her health condition was very bad. That news broke my heart! 

A few church members and I went to visit her. At first impression, we were quite discouraged because she had an audio device that had Buddhist monk chanting non-stop by her bed. After waking up, she was barely able to talk. What we did was pray for her. After other people prayed for her, I commanded the infirmities to leave her and to “be healed” in Jesus’ name…like I was taught in The Elijah Challenge Training 1 & 2. After the commands, I asked her if she felt any better. She said “yes” with a very weak voice. Since we didn’t want to disturb her too much on the first day, we left shortly after that. 

At few days later, we came back, but she wasn’t there. The nurse said she was in very critical condition the day before so they took her to the Emergency Room. 

We came back a few days after that, and she laid there…very weak. We decided to pray for her anyway. I ministered to her just I did the first time. Others urged God to give her a chance to live to be able to accept God.

Praise God, she was getting better in a few weeks. We started to bring food to her. We talked about Jesus to her while feeding her watermelon and egg rolls; her favorites! She accepted Christ soon after that and realized that God wanted her to live to know Him and come back to Him. Now she knows she is a daughter of God and if she dies she will go to heaven because of Jesus’ death on the cross for her sins. 

She is very talkative now. The nurse said she has started walking. Her back is healed. 

Praise the Lord!!!



Mrs. Ngoat