Subodh Kumar Jena teaches The Elijah Challenge and ministers in Orissa, India

February 2014

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports


We had a very fruitful Feeding Event in Hari-Puram, situated around one hundred twenty kilometers from us in Bhawanipatna. Two Elijah Challenge-trained disciples accompanied me. The village is very close to a small mountain and it looks very beautiful. The people are tribal and lower cast which falls under the Dalit group. They are idol-worshipers, and for various things they will sacrifice goats, chickens, etc.

There were around 200 Hindus present for the Feeding Event, and almost all of them raised their hands to accept the Christ.  I had met with the village chief before our program and explained to him about the Lord Jesus. The Lord healed many of them of their infirmities instantly, and some came forward to testify what the Lord Jesus had done for them. After leaving I came to hear about nearby a village, who had heard about our event and had asked their village chief to call us to do same program there.



Testimonies of miraculous healings

-A young man named Jagarnath had a problem breathing since childhood. If he walked for a long distance he would have to sit and rest for few minutes. He was always sweating. Even when he rode his bicycle he would have the same feeling. But at the Feeding Event he testified that he experienced supernatural healing power in his body. He took a long breath and tested his body,  and he was completely better.

-A woman named Gurubari came with her granddaughter. The girl had been very sick for a few days. She had a fever and her temperature was very high. But the fever left instantly when we ministered. The woman was shocked as the child became very cool and was no longer feverish. She testified through tears that Jesus had healed her grandchild.

-A woman named Chitrabati suffered a great deal from gastritis, stomach pain and highblood pressure. She had been hospitalized in a private hospital for a month. Her family thought that she would not survive because she did not get full treatment as they are poor and have not sufficient money to pay for the treatment. She had no strength in her legs and hands, and most of the time she would lie on her bed. Miraculously she received strength and was able to stand and walk easily. The Lord healed her completely.

-A young girl named Priyanka experienced something lodge in her right eye while she was riding a bus. She went to a doctor who removed the object, but from that day onwards her eye started to burn and water. She suffered for the last month month. When we ministered to people with problems with their eyes, immediately the burning in her eye stopped. Praise the Lord, she was healed.



-A girl named Arati Majhi had been suffering from stomach pain for three months. Jesus touched her and she was healed. 



-A woman named Rebati was suffering from problem in her uterus, and had undergone an operation. Though she was taking medicine the pain was unbearable for her. When she came to the Event the pain was there. Praise the Lord her pain left and she was healed.  

-A woman named Sita Bati brought her daughter who was suffering from a dry cough. When it started she would continue coughing for a few minutes. She was afraid that her daughter would run out of breath in such a way. Her treatment had been ongoing. The doctor advised her to massage her daughter with oil but there was no change. Praise God Sita Bati was testified that from the beginning of the Event her daughter had not coughed at all. She observed her just sitting there until the end of the program without coughing at all. “Jesus touched her and my child is healed.”



-A woman named Rekha came to this meeting with back pain from which she had been suffering for many months. Her back pain left completely, and she was healed miraculously.

There were many more who were healed but could not come forward to testify. Thank you so much for praying and supporting us in our ministry to reach the unreached.


Feeding the villagers