“So glad to inform you that our God is so good, using us unworthy servants for the extension of His kingdom. Thank you for your precious teaching which enables us to have the faith to fight great battles for the Lord.

The heat is very severe in Orissa at this time—43 degrees Celsius and above. We had an Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a remote village in an open field under a tent. When we entered the tent, we saw people seated with open umbrellas in hand—see below. (During very hot weather people there often go out with umbrellas to ward off the heat.).

I shared with them about Old Testament miracles where God performed mighty works for the people of Israel. I asked if they would like to see a miracle from God. Many of course did. So we prayed and asked God to send clouds for relief from the hot sun. After that we exercised our faith, and like Elijah in 1 Kings 17 and 18 we spoke with authority over the weather. Wonderfully, within a few minutes clouds rolled in and the weather began to cool down. For a few moments, we thought that it might even rain. People were amazed to witness God’s mighty miracle. Praise the Lord.

 After the Feeding Event was over, I saw a radical Hindu banner (from the Hindu RSS Party) next to the nearby house where we had had lunch. I was shocked. God had graciously protected us from the radical Fundamentalist Hindus during our Feeding Event.

Fundamentalist Hindu banner fluttering in the wind above as women walk by below

Around two hundred people accepted Christ.

Some of the miraculous healings we witnessed during the Event…

For a few months Rekha (below) had been suffering from paralysis on the right side of her face. It had been a very bitter experience for her, especially emotionally. She had been to the doctor and was under medication, but her condition did not change at all. At our Event, the Lord touched her, and her face was instantly healed and no longer paralyzed.

A young man named Prabhat (below) had suffered from a mental disorder for a year with the condition worsening day by day.  He had lost his memory. He would talk a lot, but did not know what he was saying. When I ministered to him in the name of Jesus Christ, he experienced miraculous healing from God. He felt some kind of power leaving him, and he felt better in his body.

A young woman named Kalima (below) had a problem whenever she took a breath. At our Event the Lord graciously healed her. Afterwards we checked her condition, asking her to take a deep breath, and having her walk around here and there. She did so without any problem.

Mihir (below) had met with an accident and injured his leg. Whenever he put his leg down there would be pain. He had suffered for a long time. Thank God the Lord touched him, and he was miraculously healed.

An elderly grandmother named Sukri (below) was suffering from problems with her eyesight and hearing. Her vision was blurry, and she could not hear properly. Her vision and hearing were miraculously restored after I ministered to her in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus.

All the glory to God.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator, India
April 2019