Timothy’s trip to Guilin in January 2011

August 2011

Pastor Timothy Lam of Malaysia trained with The Elijah Challenge under Pastor Albert Kang, Asia Coordinator for TEC. Timothy is now on a mission trip in Guilin, China and sent in the following report:

“This little girl from Guilin was ministered to for healing in January 2011. She was limp and unstable as she was born with congenital defects in her brain and heart. After I ministered healing to her in Jesus’ Name, she could grasps things well and her bodily functions started to be restored. Now in August 2011, I met her and her mother again. Her progress in the past 7 months has been astonishing. She can eat well and wow, move around with great speed. I even got a hug from her!”

Left: Timothy ministering to her in January 2011       Right: She is now running around!