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At one time Ezekiel was the pastor of a vibrant church in Asia. In the 1980s he once fasted for 40 days, earnestly seeking after “the anointing” to minister in Jesus’ name. It appears his very fervent desire was answered.

Supernatural manifestations began to take place in his ministry. People would be “slain in the Spirit” when he prayed over them. Many would be miraculously healed and touched in some supernatural way.

As a result Ezekiel became well-known in certain circles, especially among Chinese charismatic churches in Asia and in the USA. We were told about him, and so in the early 1990s invited him to New York City to speak at our church in Flushing, Queens.

Ezekiel was a so-so speaker, but after he preached people would stream forward to line up in rows for him to lay hands on them. The ensuing supernatural manifestations were very impressive. Unlike some ministers, he didn’t have to push anyone down. Many would testify of having a vision or being miraculously healed when he touched them.


After the time of ministry, he insisted on taking the offering by himself. He was quite forward in doing so, sometimes boldly prophesying that someone present was being led to give a very big offering—and then asking that person to raise their hand. All the offerings received went directly to him; he would accept cash only. We felt a bit uneasy with Ezekiel’s approach. But some of our leaders were drawn to him, bringing painful division to our midst.

In the early 2010s Ezekiel began to focus on teaching people how to achieve financial success and breakthroughs. He taught in Abundant Life Business Conferences in the US and Asia, sharing on property investments.

In 2013 he suffered a severe stroke and was left paralyzed. His lovely wife had divorced him, taking their only son. Left by himself, it was now up to his elderly mother to care for helpless Ezekiel.


In 2018 Ezekiel passed away. The anointed servant of God never recovered from the stroke.


The “Anointing” Revisited