Our Elijah Challenge Pastor Junul informed us that this month Lord did a mighty thing.

In a certain family one family member after another suffered at the hands of a demon. For three months it was completely out of control. The demon would possess them starting with the father and then the mother and then on to the children.

When they called a sorcerer to help one person, then another person would be attacked. They spent much money on the sorcerer, and sacrificed several goats, chickens and other birds. The sorcerer did his best to rid them of the demons, but could not. Finally he gave up and asked the parents to contact the Christian pastor.

Our Pastor Junul ministered to them with much power and authority. The demon left the family members, and the pastor removed all the idols from their home. Not only did the family witness the miracle and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, but five other families from that village also accepted Christ.

Orissa (aka Odisha), perhaps the poorest state in all of India

Our Elijah Challenge worker Brother Muthamajhi arranged a Feeding Event in a village called Basabadi. According to the government, all the people there live below the poverty line. They get rice from the government at lower prices.

Our worker went to the village one week earlier, and discussed with the village Sarpanch [a liaison between government officers and the village community] that he would like to arrange a small event for sick and depressed people. The Sarpanch himself requested the event to be held as he himself often went to the hospital for treatment for various problems. It was very good that the Sarpanch himself called the people to participate in the Feeding Event.

There were seven people who testified that the Lord had healed them from various diseases.

One man was suffering a lot from a long-term throat infection, and he was healed. The Sarpanch’s wife was healed from arthritis from which she had suffered for a long time. She was struggling to walk as the pain was very severe. She had taken medication from different hospitals, but her condition did not improve. At the Feeding Event the Lord Jesus healed her.

A sister had burning in her chest due to gastritis, and she was healed there. The villagers accepted Jesus Christ.

The Elijah Challenge in Orissa

Our worker Brother Nayak arranged a small Feeding Event in a village called Dongri. Since most of the people were day laborers, he arranged for an evening Event. There were around forty to fifty people gathered for the event.

An instant healing took place which drew the attention of the entire village.

A boy sitting in the front row had an infection in his eyes which would tear nearly all the time. Brother Nayak called him to the front and in front of everyone ministered to the boy. Our God is a great and mighty God and performed a miracle. The tearing from his eyes suddenly ceased. The villagers were amazed to witness this instant healing. After that many more people came forward and were healed from their infirmities—joint pain, fever, stomach pain, back pain and high blood pressure. At the end they gladly raised their hands to accept the Lord Jesus.

Thank you so much for prayer and your support for this ministry.