By God’s grace our mission team is so honored to have the founders of the Elijah Challenge Ministry based in Houston, come to Bedford to teach us the “Faith at work” and train us on how to apply “Jesus’ Salvation, Kingdom, Power and Authority”(Rev 12:10) in the mission and to our daily lives.

We know we have the final victory in the spiritual warfare, but we do need to know how to fight the battles in those very idolatrous places in Taiwan and China, or even here in USA. With our mission teams destroying the darkness’s grip over people there year after year, more challenges from the evil doers will be ahead. They will not give up easily, so we need to be equipped to do Jesus’ great commission as He commanded, not just for more effective missions, but to defend our team, to protect our people by demonstrating His power and authority right with our rooted faith in Him.  

You may not know that Jesus’ power and authority have been BUSILY at work during our past missions in protecting our people.

The Elijah Challenge equips every believer according to John 14:11-12 to minister healing to the infirmity as Jesus taught His disciples as an evidence to the world that He is the only way to the Father. It is instrumental in equipping the Church to fulfill the Great Commission to those who never heard, and also preparing God’s backslidden people for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ by confirming the preaching of repentance. It has been accepted by evangelical Southern Baptist leaders who have attended the Trainings and bought materials. The time of the superstar “one-man-show” evangelist is fading and the time of the nameless disciple is at hand. 

Recommended by Southern Baptist leaders to train their missionaries:

You’re invited to this free Training at our home from May 25 to 26, noon to noon, in three sessions: Friday (12 – 5 PM), evening (7-10 PM) and Sat Morning (9-1 PM).
Please reserve your seats ASAP, due to limited space, we only extend selective invitations. This training will cover both deep teaching and “on the job” training for the infirmity. This training is mostly in English, you can discuss in Chinese.

In Him,

John Wen