Dennis Green trained with The Elijah Challenge in Houston

Other reports with Dennis Green

April 6, 2013

“Dear Brothers of Elijah Challenge:

Blessings of the Lord! I am a preacher of the Gospel living here in Canada. I would like to ask you for your Prayers for me. I have a heart problem, and I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.

Brothers in the Lord , I Know that the Lord Our God Can and wants to Heal me! But I need the Support and Help the other Christian Brothers in their Prayers… And through the Internet I found You WEB Page of ELIJAH CHALLENGE.. and Your Wonderful Ministry…I give Thanks to the Lord for your lives and Ministry… I have read the testimonies and wonderful Miracles the Lord has performed Through your Ministry..!

I want my Brothers your Help and Prayers for my Healing by the Lord. Thanks and blessings of the Lord Upon You and the Ministry of Elijah Challenge.

Fraternally, In Christ Jesus, 

ANTONIO in Canada


April 17 

Subsequently our trained brother Dennis Green wrote us: “I prayed over Antonio today. Afterwards he was able to pick up his heavy wooden chair and lift it over his head and do other exercises without breathing hard. He will get back to me and let us know what the doctors find. 

I also encouraged him to view the Elijah Challenge videos and begin demonstrating the gospel while evangelizing.”


 May 2

“Dear Brother DENNIS,

Blessings of the Lord be upon your Life and wonderful Family! I am writing you to share my News about my health. First of all, I am gratefully with the Lord for your Life and Ministry. I thank the Lord for this opportunity to meet you and that wonderful Time of Healing Ministration we had on April 17-
Brother Dennis, I feel better and I believe in my heart the LORD began a wonderful Healing in my life..! I give all the Glory to Him! Yesterday, May 1st, I had my medical appointment with the doctor.. and he checked my blood pressure.. and the result was… 133/56..!

Praises to The Lord..! Hallelujah!

On May 31th , I will have another examination … it will be a Ultrasound examination of the Heart I am declaring in my Prayers My Healing… and that The Lord Shows His wonderful Miracle and Testimony for Many people ! For His Glory! I would Like brother Dennis.. to ask you your prayers for that day of May 31th.

Thanks for your kindness … and The Lord Bless You always and your Ministry and Family..!

In Christ Jesus,