Miraculous healings in Jesus’ name at Atlanta April 2015 Training Event

Jesus heals man born deformed in half of his body
There was a young man named Vincent at the hotel attending another event along with his parents. Vincent was a large man who had been born with physical deformities on one side of his body, and so could not walk normally. One of the New York sisters named Sharon from our event noticed him in the hotel lobby. Sharon wanted to ask him to come to our Saturday evening service in the hotel where we could minister healing to him, and so approached his mother. Since they were at the hotel to attend another event, they—especially Vincent’s father—were a bit reluctant (and perhaps skeptical) to come to our service. But they said they could come and stay for ten minutes. The family sat down and we began the service.
Knowing that they did not want to stay long, I went through my evangelistic message from Mark 2 very quickly. The bottom line of the preaching was that Jesus healed the sick to prove that he had authority to forgive sin and thus grant eternal life. Finishing up my message quickly, I invited the trained disciples to step forward to heal the sick as they had been trained to do—as the evidence that Jesus could forgive sin. Then I invited those who needed healing to come forward. People with infirmities, including Vincent, came forward. A group of disciples, led by Sharon from New York, gathered around Vincent and began to minister to him in the name of Jesus Christ… more

Now for Sharon’s personal recounting of this extraordinary miracle…

“This event was truly wonderful and amazing in every way imaginable!  Thank you for teaching the Word of God in its simplicity and in demonstration, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the power/authority of Jesus’ Name. I will never pray “traditionally” again. I have a deeper respect and hunger for the Word of God. So many people were healed, delivered and set free. The big challenge came when each participant, myself included, had to become practitioners of what had been imparted to us and of what we had learned. I had invited a young man and his family whom I had met in the lobby of the hotel where The Elijah Challenge Training was being held, who said they had very little time to spare. God took over once they entered into the realm of worship created by that worship group, Redemption, as they ministered before the Lord and ushered us into the throne room—the presence of God. Vincent along with several others came up for healing. Vincent’s left leg was noticeably shorter than his left and the same was true with his right arm. His knee caps on both legs were turned in. He said the doctors told him that soon the bones in his left leg would pop/break and surgery would be required…” much more


Endorsement from District Superintendent of United Methodist Church


Rev. Sungchan Kim, District Superintendent of UMC in Long Island, New York

​”[I am] the Methodist pastor who trained with you in Virginia in 2013.​ With my wife, I learned the very basic, simple, practical, biblical principles for healing and casting out demons by faith in the name of Jesus for the Great Commission. Since that training my wife and I have practiced it in each local church ministry. She was serving a congregation in Queens. Now she is serving another church in Staten Island. God manifested His power and healing so that we were so confident to preach the Gospel. I translated your manual into Korean around 90% and shared it with my church members to equip them.  Then I received an appointment in July 2014 to become District Superintendent of the  Long Island West District of the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through the church conferences in my district, I shared with pastors and lay leaders what I had learned from you and how to exercise authority in the name of Jesus. In each church there were many healings, including cancers and improvements. Glory to God!  I have encouraged some pastors to attend the April 17-19 Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago. Five pastors and one lay leader from New York will be there this weekend and my brother and his wife in Chicago might also attend the boot camp.” more  

“I have never seen so many healings in all my life”

“Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am writing to share with you my experience in Chicago this past weekend at the Elijah Challenge Training. I now have so many new dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, praise God!

Shelly Shelly Ragen Shiloh Harvest Ministry

This past weekend I was trained scripturally with the sound doctrine that the Lord Himself taught to his beloved disciples. For some reason the modern Christian Church has failed to fulfill the Great Commission as commanded by our Lord and Savior.  Instead we have become like the Israelites, backslidden and lost in the traditions of men. God help us. The spirit of pride and greed and ministry envy is a problem. Many are too afraid to rock the boat or admit they have been wrong in their understanding of the Bible and their teaching of it to others. We must cast out the spirit of pride. We must be pliable and willing to be broken for the Potter to re-form us to do the Great Commission in these last days—to bring in the harvest for the Lord Jesus Christ and our wonderful Father in heaven. There is no more time to waste. We will be accountable at the Judgment Seat of Christ. I caution myself and others to be pliable and willing to be retaught by the Lord Himself.

This past weekend I saw great miracles of healing and deliverance from demons. There was no traditional praying for people to be healed or delivered of demons as is usually done—that is not what the Bible teaches and that is not what Christ Jesus did or taught. We must examine our traditions and minister based on Scripture only. I have never seen so many healings in all my life. God was present to heal because we obeyed his directives and His commands and did it His way, not our way.

I saw a young woman’s foot before my own eyes made new with the swelling as well as the discoloration gone. She took the booty off and walked and jumped and cried and thanked Jesus. She was at a New Age conference in the same hotel featuring some type of New Age healing, but they could not help her. One of my sisters invited her to come. Eventually she did show up and was miraculously healed. I have never seen anything like it… more


“I came home and I began exercising power and authority in Jesus’ name”

“My mother’s eye was swollen and red on Tuesday night. We rebuked the infirmity and commanded healing in Jesus’ name. The swelling was gone, the redness left, and her pain dissipated. 

prayerrequest2 Bring It To Jesus Ministries

At today’s (Wednesday) afternoon service we had two people with heart ailments, one person battling breast cancer, and one person with pain in the leg. We rebuked the infirmities and commanded healing in Jesus’ name.

  1. The pain in the person’s leg left immediately.
  2. One of the people with the heart ailment couldn’t bend over for long periods because she would get shortness of breath. But after we ministered to her she was able to bend over for a long time.  She is ready to go back her gardening.
  3. For the other person with a heart problem…after we ministered to her she went for a long walk. Then she went up and down the steps with a little heaviness of breathing at the very end. Earlier she would not have been able to do that at all, without stopping in between several times and a lot of shortness of breath at the end.
  4. The lady with breast cancer had a swollen breast. As we ministered to her with authority and the laying on of hands we saw a reduction in the swelling. We are awaiting her results when she goes to the doctor next time.”

Pastor Andrea Smith United Methodist Church of Roosevelt, Long Island


Symptoms of heart disease disappear; arm injury healed

Josh and Margot accompanied their father Tom to Chicago from West Virginia for the Training. Tom heads Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries.


Josh’s testimony: “My name is Joshua, I am twenty two, and I am a born-again Christian.  I do street evangelism with my family in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  For as long as I can remember I had some problems with my heart.  I sometimes would feel suddenly feint, I could not have caffeine or chocolate, my hands and feet were always cold, and I could only run for short distances.

When I attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago, several disciples commanded healing on my heart.  The first time I felt some heat on my chest and back, but the second time I felt a lot of heat in my chest, back and hands.  Suddenly my hands and feet felt warm, when they have never felt warm.  I was healed!!!

To test my healing William asked me to run around in the parking lot.  I ran all around the parking lot, faster and further than I have ever run before, and all without getting winded.

I am so glad I went to The Elijah Challenge with my Dad where I received a miraculous healing!  Praise the Lord!!!”


Josh’s video testimony

Margot’s testimony: “My name is Margot, I am sixteen, and I am a born-again Christian.  I do street evangelism with my family in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Two years ago I injured my wrist and forearm while taking some martial arts training, and after that I began having chronic pain in my wrist and forearm.  I had several Doctor’s diagnose and treat my arm, I’ve had physical therapy for it, and I’ve worn many braces and wraps for it, but nothing has helped.  

When I attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago, several disciples commanded healing on my wrist and forearm.  The first time I didn’t feel much, but the second time, I felt the muscles in my forearm begin to move on their own, the Sister ministering to me felt it too.  Then I felt a tingling in my wrist, and then all the pain was gone!  My wrist and forearm were healed!

I am so glad I went to The Elijah Challenge with my Dad; I ministered healing, was healed, and saw others healed! Praise the Lord!!!”


Margot’s video testimony

Tom’s testimony: Tom testifies of his miraculous healing from acid reflux in Chicago:


Tom’s video testimony

What Tom and his children did after returning home following the Chicago Training Event: 


“It was the most beautiful salvation I had ever witnessed”

 Colonel (Ret.) of Tennessee spent 30 years with the US Army Special Forces


“Dominic had received various knife wounds to the neck and shoulder areas and the doctors were not able to fully reconstruct the damage to his vocal cords and muscles.  He had continuous pain in his shoulder area and came to receive ministering.  My wife and I laid hand on him and in the pain areas and after the first ministering his voice was normal and was healed.  We continued to minster healing over pain and the pain went away.  I asked Dominic if he knew of Jesus or had a relationship with Him.  He did not know what I was talking about so I told him to repeat after me.  We went through the sinner’s prayer and he accepted Jesus Christ after experience healing not only from the knife wounds but he experienced healing that took place inside.  We hugged and he began to weep and release things from inside as the Holy Spirit worked on him.  We mailed Dominic a beautiful Bible and other devotionals to help him in his personal time with the Lord.  It was the most beautiful salvation I had ever witnessed.”…much more

Woman with painful disability in her hand for 27 years deeply touched by the Lord

Here is a testimony of a lady who had a disability with her hand for 27 years. She had had three surgeries and had to manage her pain without taking medicine. She had arthritis in her hand and was unable to write type or even hold a pen. I ministered to her over the telephone.

“Hello, I would like to begin by saying thank you. I’m still at a loss for words. I was in a bad place this morning…struggling….questioning my faith, but God sent you to me to remind me that he has never left me nor forsaken me. I’m typing this message with the hand that you prayed over. It hasn’t felt this good in a long time. I just don’t know what to say, but more than that, you’ve renewed my faith. I have to admit that when things are bad in your life it’s hard not to wonder why God isn’t doing anything but you’ve made me remember that the strength and power lied within me all along…all I had to do is ask, trust, and believe. I believe…after seeing what happened with my hand, I know that there will be blessings as it pertains to my finances…Thank you so much…I’m so truly grateful…”

Sarhonda and her husband Teddy hosted the April 2015 Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago. They founded and lead Eternities Tour.

More reports of how powerfully the Lord began to use Sarhonda & Teddy in miraculous healing over the telephone after the Chicago Event


Testimony from Randall

“Just rebuked and commanded against the spirit of a sharp pain in my own knee (that came with a sudden onset). The pain utterly vanished and I felt the knee instantly strengthened. The power of God delivered in the authority of Jesus the Messiah. Nice. The pain was increasing and sharp at the time but after I rebuked it directly and sharply it is completely healed and strong without faltering.  I am saying this hours after it was done.  Zero pain and complete healing.” June 2015 Testimony “I was at a small group meeting several months ago and was teaching those there about exercising our authority in Jesus’ name over infirmities.  Every person with an infirmity I ministered to seemed to feel better.  I prayed over and ministered to one woman who had a hernia.  I commanded, in the authority Jesus gave us, the hernia to be healed.  The woman said it felt better immediately.  I thought it was probably better temporarily.  I saw her again just a few days ago and she reported that she has not felt anything of the hernia since that time.  I assume it was permanently healed the time I commanded healing several months ago.  Praise God! My friend Tom [who has attended your Training Events in Texas] and I were at our WITTS ministry meeting in Ohio a couple weeks ago, and we ministered to a woman who had a lump on the back of her neck.  Under Tom’s hand there was a click (according to my son who had his hand over Tom’s) and the lump went down somewhat and the woman’s posture was immediately improved.” July 2015 Testimony