“Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy! We arrived at a town near our destination village on a Thursday evening and everything was very good.  On Friday the next day we traveled another 20 kilometers to reach the remote village. The temperature was between 45 and 46 degrees Centigrade (between 113 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit) in that remote region.

There were over 220 villagers who came to the Feeding Event expecting to receive physical healing for their infirmities.  I preached the gospel for around 45 minutes. At the end of my message we saw a cloud on the sky. Suddenly thunder and lightning struck.

Seeing this I started ministering to the sick in Jesus’ name. After a few minutes the rain came. But the people did not leave. The Lord healed many of their diseases. As a result the over 220 villagers who were present accepted Christ. The people actually stood through the heavy rain, not wanting to leave.




With the extremely hot weather we believe the rain was a blessing for them. It continued for another two hours. Afterwards we fed the people.





After the Feeding Event a few of the people gathered in the classroom of a village school to share how the Lord had instantly healed them from various infirmities such as years of chronic back pain and painful hemorrhoids. Eyesight was restored, burning body pain disappeared, and many other infirmities were miraculously healed as well.  







Thank you so much for your intercessory prayer and financial support enabling us to reach places which had previously never heard about Jesus Christ.”


Reports from Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena