“I couldn’t wait to email you tonight to show you the picture of me running our local American Gothic Days 5k Run (this morning). What a miracle to be able to do this. I didn’t win any ribbons but I can’t explain the joy I had to just be able to do it. This time last year was really rough with the pain and difficulty walking and no answers. Now I believe I went through that for a definite reason. Everyone that saw me run today, knew I had been sick for over a year and that opened things up for me to share the reason. Praise the LORD. Thanks again for the Elijah Challenge in Chicago. I keep sharing with those I meet and have reached out too over 60 churches to share my testimony too.”

Shelly’s testimony immediately after the April 2015 Chicago Elijah Challenge Training Event:

“I have learned so much in the past weekend and I am so happy to hear what was taught and what Jesus taught me through the teaching. I myself have been healed. I have been sick for twelve months. I have been to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics a dozen times. I have been to the Mayo Clinic three times, but they have not been able to help me. Last Sunday night I was healed as the other disciples ministered to me. I walked as I hadn’t walked in 12 months. I had forgotten how good it felt to walk normally. I even ran down the hallways of the hotel—something I could not do before.”

-Shelly Ragan
June 2015

Shelly’s report on the Chicago Elijah Challenge Training Event


Shelly running the 5K Event

I’ve included my Mayo rehab order sheet (above) that I never had to do because of my healing in Chicago!

Shelly’s Testimony on the TV Program “A Woman’s Joy” broadcast from Quincy, Illinois


Shelly Ragen
Shiloh Harvest Ministry