Subodh Jena Kumar, Orissa, India
January 2, 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

A retired police constable, Mr. James Patra, Gudayagiri, Kandhamal (over 200 km from Bhawanipatna) called me yesterday morning. He worked as a police constable and worked all over Orissa. He did not have any disease when he was still working. After his retirement he became involved in church activity, and was serving as a deacon in a Baptist Church.

Just under two years later he met with an accident, and his leg was fractured. After treatment he was able to walk only with the help of a stick. And for the past year he had been suffering from an unusual disease. He would feel something like ants walking around in his head. He had some scans done and underwent treatment, but no particular problem was found.

For their 2012 Christmas program a pastor went his village. The pastor gave my cell phone number to James and encouraged him to contact me. Yesterday he called me and shared his problem with me. He did not expect me to minister him over the phone. But I told him I would minister over the phone—which I did.

This morning he called me and informed that he had slept well after a long time of poor sleep. He said his leg pain was also gone, and he had no more feeling of movement in his head. He was so very glad for this wonderful healing. Praise the Lord!