Subodh Jena Kumar, Orissa, India
September 2012 

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

Thank you so much for your help for the Feeding Event in Malgoan. There are thirty-three Hindu families. Thank God for this wonderful opportunity to bring seventeen families to Christ. They are very happy to know the Lord Jesus.

I have a very wonderful testimony to share you…

Demon cast out at a distance of 150 kilometers 

Today after noon at 3 pm I got a phone call from Kotagarh, Baliguda in Kandhmal. There is a young sister named Parbi Nayak who was possessed by demon spirit which also greatly disturbed the family in that village. While I was talking to her father I heard some noise—the demon spirit in her was screaming.

Her father asked me to minister to her. I told him to keep the mobile telephone near her, and I started to command the demon spirit to leave in Jesus’ name.  She kept quiet for a few minutes. After fifteen minutes she started making all kinds of noise and began screaming. They called me again on the phone, and I rebuked the demon in Jesus’ name with much boldness. Immediately she fell down onto the ground. After a few minutes and she got up in her right mind, and I talked to her. She was fine; the demon had left her. The entire family praised God for this miracle.

What a wonderful miracle the Lord did to her at a distance. Kotagarh is around one hundred and fifty kilometers from where I am.

Reports from the field in Orissa

This month I have been to several of our fields and the reports are below.

        • Village of Kandajam being set free from spirit of alcoholism

We have had very good reports almost from all our fields; our brothers are doing very well. Kandajam is the area where the people are very addicted to alcohol. What a miraculous change has taken place in that village. The village chief (Sarpanch) thanked us for our work; people are changing there. He used to hear the sound of quarrelling in the village, but recently there had been none. Our local pastor every is calling the believers and teaching and praying with them every evening. Praise the Lord for this change which other people can see.

        • Narla: Yadev tribal people turning to Jesus

In Narla where the Lord has given us some Yadev tribal people the believers are growing very well in the Lord. Our pastor Daniel has been working hard, walking to ten to fifteen km for gospel work. He was able to reach one family named Babula Bahidar to Christ this month in a village called Themra, 10 kilometers away.

        • Hindu stronghold

Our pastor Prem Pani is working hard, but the area is a bit difficult since there is a Hindu stronghold there. They are opposed to the work of the gospel. They have threatened him and advised him not to go to their village and to preach. He has a small fellowship; please pray for the growth of that fellowship. Also please pray that the Lord will protect him and his family.

“Pray to the Christian God Jesus and He might heal you”

Nevertheless, a remarkable miracle has taken place. Forty kilometers from there is a Hindu village where a known sorcerer lives. He was ill for six months with a disease which caused blood loss. He consulted with doctors and other sorcerers, but was no better. After six months of medication, he was very weak. Finally he went to a well-known sorcerer there who advised him that no one could help him in his terrible condition. The sorcerer told him to pray to the Christian God Jesus and He might heal you.

There are no Christians near his village so they contacted our brother Prem who went to that village to share the gospel and minister to him. The Lord touched him and he felt different. He needs full healing; please pray for him. This miracle will reach the surrounding area.

        • Serol: a bicyle needed by fruitful servant of God

In Serol the work is growing and our brother is very active and able to communicate to the people with power. He is need of a bicycle. So far he has reached many villages without it. Praise God for his effort. Near to Seriol is a Hindu village called Medinipur. He went there and announced that if there are any sick people there he would minister healing to them. Nine people came to him with many kinds of physical infirmities. Wonderfully, six people confessed that they felt good but not fully healed.

        • Gunpur: downtrodden “untouchable” Dalit people coming to Christ

I am glad to write you about Gunpur. It is so good to see the downtrodden Dalit people come to Christ and live a better life. Our brother is reaching many people along with a few believers. They went to a place called Ramnaguda to minister to a demonized man who had suffered a lot for six months. They went to his house and ministered to him. It was very encouraging that within a moment they saw a miracle. All the villagers came and saw that the demon had left him. They were amazed that this happened within a few moments. After that our brother shared the gospel to them. Many of the people believed in Jesus through this incident.