April 27, 2019

“Sir, these teachings have changed my life and ministry. I now perform miracles at will following what I learned from how to exercise power and authority. …God bless your ministry. I am Pastor David Owuna from Nigeria.”

April 29

“Sir, after reading and watching your videos, I have healed those with broken legs from accidents, healed hypertension, barrenness of five years, one case of fibroids, one case of HIV and one case of asthma. I have healed several cases of ulcer as well just by laying hands and releasing the word of authority. My target now is to heal everyone I minister to. A lot of people look for me and call me from all over my country of Nigeria.

I now listen to your teachings on Saturdays before preaching on Sunday. How do I minister to those who are completely mad for several years? How can I raise the dead as commanded in Matthew 10:8?”

May 17

“Your teaching on healing the sick and casting out demons is the most scripturally correct teaching in Christendom.”

Pastor Owuna watched the videos posted at The Elijah Challenge Training (2018) on YouTube.