Subodh & Rosy

Orissa, India

“We all are very fine here along with our children. Thank you so much for release the funds for the two coolers. It is very hot now. The Government declared the summer holidays from May 1. The children are very happy for having coolers. Few of them have ever seen them before so they are  astonished.

Roshni and Rebeka were suffering from sickness, they both had boils on their faces but now they are well. And now no one is sick.

Now they are full time at home, so we give them Bible studies (VBS), teaching them songs and skits. Morning two hours and evening two hours, Brother Isma and Rosy are teaching classes to them. At same time they study their lessons because they have summer vacation homework, so they have to be in touch with their school study.

They learned how to pray so they are praying alternatively every day.

Please continue to pray for them so they may not fall sick. For a few of the children, this heat is unbearable because they are from remote cool places. For entire days they stay inside, so there is no problem for anybody.   

Children are praying for you every day. Thank you…”