“Our team is currently in an unreached area of the world. The woman in the photo above could not get out of bed when we came to her home, she said I can’t walk, we prayed over her several times and she was able to stand with her cane, so we kept ministering to her with the Lord’s power and authority. Around the 6th time of ministry she was able to walk with no cane and no pain! 
We began the week by training the national team with The Elijah Challenge.”
Final numbers: 
21 workers (10 Americans & 11 Nationals)
1,030 heard the gospel (957 Muslims, 71 Hindus)
63 accepted Christ (58 Muslims, 5 Hindus)
4  baptized (4 Muslims)
6 “pre-believers”
8 miraculous healings
3 believers trained
– A “No Place Left” missionary who with his team trained with The Elijah Challenge
January 15, 2018 Report