Henryk Krzysztofiak attended The Elijah Challenge Weekend Training in Atlanta in October 2015. He attends a United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, New York.

“I have read your book Dancing on the Edge of the Earth, and it is awesome.  I also watch your training videos just to get the teaching inside me more.  I have seen many miracles since I came back from your Training in Atlanta even though I had already been ministering to the sick before I came to your Training.  But your teaching gave me boldness, and I don’t give up as I used to after just one prayer.  Now I am seeing many more people miraculously healed than ever.  God is surprising me more and more.  I prayed over a sister in Christ who was in a wheelchair for a couple months and in so much pain that she could not even move a bit. I prayed over her with my wife and she stood up and started walking with no pain at all.  We were joyfully walking around her house praising God. 

In my Methodist church also there are many miracles of healing when I minister in Jesus’ name.  The last two Sundays in our church three sisters testified how they were healed after I prayed.  For  the last seven years one of them would experience severe pain all over her body during changes in the weather.  She has been healed by the Lord Jesus, as well as many others.  
I have been encouraging others to do what I have been doing, telling and showing them how the power of God is for all the Lord’s disciples.  It’s only the beginning.  I can’t wait to start doing outreach very soon, spreading the gospel through street evangelism.  I know that’s where the miracles will be most visible.”
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