Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator Subodh Jena reported:

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for us. Praise the Lord for the great things God is doing through our Elijah Challenge pastors.  Below I have included a few selected reports from our pastors..

Report from Pastor Prem Pani

”I am grateful to the Lord for his mighty protection and guidance upon our ministry. Last month in March He did miraculous works through the ministry. Seven new families came to attend our Good Friday service. They had been suffering from various diseases and needed a healing touch. Somewhere they heard that sick people “get healed in church” so those seven Hindu families came for prayer.

Chabi Naik had been paralyzed for two years and was also suffering from stomach pain as well. On Good Friday he came to our fellowship. I ministered to him in the name of Jesus. Praise God the Lord touched him and Chabi was healed. The pain left completely. Now he comes to our fellowship, and his parents are also coming for prayer.

Digga had been attacked by witchcraft. He was bedridden with his entire body unable to move. His family took him to many sorcerers for treatment but he did not get well. They had gotten my cell phone number from one of our believers, and so called me. I went to their house but was reluctant to pray over him because I thought he might die—his condition was that terrible. But I did minister to him. He opened his eyes and stared at me. Then I commanded the unclean spirit to leave in Jesus’ name. It told me that it would go after a few minutes. Digga then fell out of the bed. The mighty power of Jesus touched him, and the young man was delivered from the evil spirit.”

Report from Sunam Digal

“The first week of the month I went to two villages to share the Gospel. I shared the gospel to 17 people in one village called Sakusbali. It was wonderful. These villagers are rural, tribal people, and can understand only their local dialect. Two men had been sitting on the road outside of the village, and I started to talk to them. After a few minutes they led me inside the village. One by one people came and listened to me share something which was totally new to them. In that village many people had passed away from unknown diseases and without any treatment. I challenged them, telling them that I would pray over them and that they would be healed.

One 35-year-old man named Prafula had a recurring headache. He did not know why, but every evening for the past two years he would suffer from the headache. I ministered to him there and the power of God touched him.

An elderly woman also came for prayer. She was suffering from pain in her body. The Lord healed her as well. Many of the people there put their faith in Jesus Christ. They called me to come back again to share the word of God.

In a field somewhere there was a young girl name Ruheni who was suffering from fever. They had called me on my phone but I could not go because it was too dark and it was a bit far for me to walk there. I told them that I would minister over my phone but they did not agree. So after 20 minutes two men arrived at my home with a 7-year-old girl. She was shivering and her temperature was very high. I told them that they should have taken her to a nearby hospital since she might have had malaria. But the people of their village had instructed them to take little Ruheni to the pastor who would minister healing to her, so they came to my home. I just commanded the little girl in Jesus’ name to stop shivering. It stopped suddenly. (Even though there was fear in my heart I kept ministering to the girl with authority.) My Almighty God touched her, and she felt better. Through this the entire family came to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.”

Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator Subodh Jena also reported:

On the 10th of April I visited our new field of Raipur (in Chhattisgarh) and saw the work of our Elijah Challenge Pastor, Sanu Bihari. Thank God that many souls are being added to his fellowship day by day. In a small house they are having Sunday worship and prayer in nearby cottages. In the houses I was very glad to see them packed inside and outside with believers. We were visiting that area for the first time, and enjoyed Sunday fellowship with them. I preached and ministered to the sick in their Sunday fellowship.

Report from Elijah Challenge Pastor Rabindra

“A woman was suffering from typhoid and malaria. The doctor had diagnosed it as malaria, but the medicine he prescribed was not working. It continued in that way for two months. Finally the family brought her for prayer, and over two weeks she attended the Sunday service. Jesus touched her and she was healed. Now they come to our fellowship.

A 40-year-old gentleman was suffering from poor eyesight. For 5 years he was unable to see properly.  God restored his eyesight and he was able to see properly.

One of the sister named Mamata was suffering from a cough and a cold. When coughing she would have very severe chest pain. Through her parents she called us to come for prayer. Since they are a Hindu family only Mamata believes in Christ. Though her parents were quite reluctant they nevertheless came to me since their daughter was suffering. I went to their home and ministered to her. Praise the Lord the cough stopped. Her parents began to wonder. I told them that their daughter is healed and they have to believe in Christ. He alone is capable of such mighty works. Then they accepted Christ.

An older woman had been paralyzed for seven years. Suddenly one night severe stomach pain came over her and she began to scream. Her son called me on the phone and told me that his mother could die that night from the pain in her stomach which was so bad she was crying out. I went to their home and ministered to her in Jesus’ name. The pain left, and now we are praying for her complete healing from the paralysis. She is getting better.”

The heat is very severe here in Orissa as it is elsewhere in India, but especially so here in Orissa, Please pray for us.