By Subodh Jena Kumar of Orissa, India
June 9, 2012

On Wednesday afternoon a Hindu woman we did not know along with her nephew knocked our door. They came from a village 12 kilometers away called Badli—a village well-known for witchcraft.  I opened the door and inquired about them.

She said with much sadness that her brother Ram Dugra was in very serious condition, lying in bed for two months. Some sorcerer had sent a demon spirit to him and it tormented him, bringing some unknown disease upon him.  He would cough up blood and was very weak; he could not even wake up.

They took him to doctors and to sorcerers, but he did not stop vomiting blood. So they pleaded with us to come and pray to our God, Jesus, for him. I went with one of our brothers and saw him lying in bed.

We ministered to him in front of many Hindus, commanding the cough and the vomiting of blood to stop in Jesus’ name. We rebuked the demon spirit and commanded it to leave his body. After a few minutes we returned home.

In the evening I received a call from his sister. She informed me that the coughing and vomiting of blood had stopped. On Thursday we went and ministered to him again. We saw a complete change in his body. He was able to sit up with help. He could not believe that he had actually survived.

The villagers were amazed seeing such a powerful miracle. So many people believed in Jesus afterwards. Four entire Hindu families came forward and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord.