“In Chhattisgarh we dealt with a young woman who was severely demonized. That particular case took us 3 days instead of the usual five minutes. The Lord had sent a message to me about [prayer and] fasting before we had left Delhi and I didn’t know why until I got there.
She was a young girl in her early twenties. She came to a large meeting of about a thousand people in a church. When she came up for prayer for a skin issue it seemed like no big deal. I laid hands on her and then the trouble began. She went backwards and screamed in agony. The spirits threw her body around, and locked her jaw so she could not speak. We stayed with her for at least 4 hours that afternoon while she was partly unconscious and overcome with these spirits.
This is the sister with me…as you can see my eyes are closed…I was so tired!
Her mother, brother and sister were there in shock. They later told me that they had never seen her like this and she went to church and read her Bible on occasion. Every time I attempted to touch her she screamed in agony. It was a battle I had never seen before. When I got home there was some backlash from it I believe with another attack of the shingles as well. There is definitely a hierarchy to some of these spirits. Glad for the teaching from the Lord on it and to experience it on the field.

I knew then why the fasting was important. Thank God for the help!
We worked with her a second day, and she came to the training still exhibiting some bondage even though most had left. Initially, these spirits were very strong and settled in her and crafty. Many times the pastors around me would ask her if she was okay and if these spirits were gone and she would nod her head and say yes. I would have her look me in the eye and seconds later she would manifest again. That happened many times.
Eventually on the third day, they had invited us to their home. There I heard stories of hauntings and still some Hindu worship going on. We counseled them to get rid of those things and went through the house and rebuked. Glad to have had much experience in this area anyway. 
She is doing well now and I look forward to seeing her again next time I’m in Chhattisgarh. Her brother said he didn’t believe in things like that and has since changed his mind he said! The sister had later said that she ventured into a forbidden temple area (on a road trip with friends) and saw an evil spirit. She fell sick immediately and was not the same since. She slept most of the time and was not her usual self. It wasn’t until the meeting that the truth came out.
Thank God she is delivered and I am grateful for the experience and meeting a new friend and sister in the Lord.”
-Shelly Ragen from her 2016 Mission Trip to India