Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

In a village some Maoists had kidnapped a taxi driver. They had injected him with some substance rendering him unconscious.  Just then our Elijah Challenge workers were passing through the village. They saw a woman—the taxi driver’s wife—sobbing with people surrounding her. They asked her what had happened, and she told them about the kidnapping. Our Elijah Challenge workers then prayed for him, and at a distance rebuked the unclean spirits in the Maoists, commanding them not to harm the taxi driver and to release him. It was 9 am in the morning when he was kidnapped, and about 4 pm that afternoon when our workers prayed for him. Unbelievably, at around 7 pm that evening the Maoists dropped him off back near the village. His wife was overcome with excitement. She could not stop thanking our Lord Jesus, and she kept repeating over and over that her husband was returned alive because of Jesus. Both of them accepted Christ. 

In a certain village a man named Punia Munda had been ill for a few days. Punia had difficulty breathing. For several days he had been taking medicine, but the problem persisted. Physically very weak, over time he became bedridden. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to his village and ministered healing to him in Jesus’ name, also sharing the gospel with him. He was miraculously healed, able to get up and walk freely. 

A woman named Rina was demonized and completely out of control. Shouting, screaming, dancing, she would cause a racket in her home. The neighbors could not get a good night’s sleep. Her family took her to a sorcerer, but he refused to treat her. So they took her to another sorcerer who also declined to receive her. In this way, three sorcerers were not willing to help her in the severe condition in which she was brought to them. Finally they were connected to our Elijah Challenge workers, who went to their home where they stayed for a whole day ministering to her. The demon would leave, but then later return. But finally the demon left for good. Rina experience a great deliverance from the Lord. Her family and many others came to Christ. Praise the Lord.

A man named Krushna Chandra was being tormented by a demon spirit at night. All of a sudden he would see something and would be overcome by anxiety. It went on like this for many days until he became mentally disturbed. He told others that he couldn’t live anymore, and that he would die. It got steadily worse until his family took him to the hospital. From there they called our Elijah Challenge workers. They ministered to him over the phone while Krushna was in the hospital. After he was discharged they went to his house and ministered to him there. After that the demonic attacks ceased. He accepted Jesus Christ, and shared with other people about his deliverance from the demonic attack. Praise the Lord.

A man named Sibla and his wife had one daughter, 7 years of age. She had been well physically, but after suffering from a fever for a few days she suddenly developed the symptoms of paralysis. Sibla and his wife were very troubled, and so called our workers. Our brother went and ministered to her in Jesus’ name. She was miraculously healed, walking freely and normally. Praise the Lord.

A man named Rameswar was suffering from arthritis and had been hospitalized. From the hospital a Christian nurse gave him the telephone number of one of our Elijah Challenge workers in order to connect them. Our workers went to the hospital and ministered to him. Praise the Lord he was healed right there in the hospital.    

We are very grateful to God for such reports from our Elijah Challenge workers. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I am going to continue sending such reports. Please pray for us we are going to visit more of our mission fields.”

“Eleven house churches have been planted so far this month.  Praise the Lord!”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in India
April 12, 2019

Reports from our trained Luke 10 harvest workers in India