Reports from our Orphanage in Orissa, India

“Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name.

We really thank all our orphanage supporters and Elijah Challenge prayer partners for their valuable prayers, especially for our children. Because of their prayers our children are doing so well during this difficult season.

For the last one and a half month cholera has spread in many parts of Orissa, especially in a few districts including our district. Several children have died in our local hospital in Bhawanipatna and the public is having a problem with the local doctors in the main hospital of Bhawanipatna.

One of our neighbors is a renowned children’s specialist doctor named Palua Pradhan. From 5 am in the early morning to 10 pm at night thousands of children are coming to see this doctor. But thank the Lord by His wonderful grace our children are safe. A few of our children have suffered from infections and some little boils appeared on their skin. But it is just because of mosquito bites.

Our Lipika has developed a lot. She had not been able to perform well in school, but last week Rosy met with her teacher. She informed Rosy that Lipika has picked up in her last test. She also used to have a little difficulty in memorising our golden Bible verses, but nowadays she can remember more than one.




There was a singing competition in the school, and among the girls our Sebika got first prize!  And among the boys our Kirana got second prize. In the month of October there will be an art competition, and we hope our children will do the best there.




Beginning September 30 there will be a ten-day holiday for our children for a Hindu festival called Dusshera, We are planning some extra curricula to teach them more Bible lessons and to spend a lot of time with the children.

Also if it is possible we will take them to a beautiful children’s park to refresh them.

Every morning and evening during their devotions they are remembering you in their prayers. Please continue to pray for them as the climate is not favourable for them during this season.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for the children.”

Subodh & Rosy
September 2014