Our Orphanage in Orissa

“Thank you for praying for us. We all are fine and children are also doing good. Our Almighty God is so gracious to us and showers His blessing upon our children. They are so obedient, becoming a blessing to our neighboring Hindu families. If on some days they are busy with work or for some reason did not sing in the evening, the next morning our neighbors ask them what happened—we did not hear you singing? Our neighbors just love them. Sometimes they visit our children bringing sweets and biscuits. The children are most precious in the sight of God.    

When the CWC (Child Welfare Committee) protection officer came by for an inspection, he asked Rosy to show him all the files. When he looked at the medical files, He saw that very few medications had been prescribed for the children. He was surprised and could not believe it. He thought that we had neglected to record the prescriptions. But throughout the year we went to the hospital very rarely. By the grace of our God our children are safe and sound in health.

Summer has started, for the last fifteen days it was very hot, around 42 degrees Celsius (107-108 degrees Fahrenheit).  Last night there was rain.  So the government had us close the school before 10 am in the morning. Now the children are starting school in the early morning at 6 am.

A new school year has started.  We have almost finished buying supplies for the children—books, pens, pencils, notebooks, school bags, slippers and undergarments for them all.

“(Our orphans] are…a blessing to our
neighboring Hindu families”

All the children received good grades on their last Exam. Asima got first division in 5th Standard, Sebika got first in 3rd Standard, and Priskila got first in 2nd Standard. All children have graduated to upper classes.  Pradeep, Asim and Deepak are now attending another school. Asima and Sebika are really very brilliant, and have memorized more than 40 to 50 golden Bible verses to recite at our Sunday service. We are really very proud of them.  

In Sunday School, Rosy regularly have the children to lead and tell the story from the Bible, and they have been quick to do it.  Praise the Lord they learn quickly and have grown. Every Saturday evening I get a report from Rosy about what the children did and how they did it. We enjoy and thank God for their lives.

Thank you so much for praying for our sons, Naithan and Johnson. (See the photo below.) Both of them are outstanding in their examinations. Both of them scored 95 percent. Now Naithan our older boy is in STD-3 and Johnson in KG 1. Please continue to keep blessing Naithan and Johnson in your prayers.

We all are praying for you every day. Please continue to uphold us in prayer. Thank you so much for your love and care for the precious children….and for us too.”


Subodh & Rosy

July 2015 Update

“Our little orphan girl Sebika was selected for the Excellency exam in the district-level competition and she competed today. Praise the Lord for His blessing and such great improvement in our children.”


Subodhs-family photo